White Online

Chapter 13 - Rachel.

Isaac entered the dining hall and instantly sat down in the middle of Isabella and Alice.

Everyone at the dining table put their hands on prayer.

’ ’Goddess of Snow, thank you for blessing this meal, ’ ’ Maxwell said aloud.

Isaac grabbed the fork and knife.

’ ’Isaac, how was the game? ’ ’ Maxwell asked curiously.

Isaac had a small smile, ’ ’It was fun, actually. ’ ’

Maxwell nodded, and then out of curiosity asked, ’ ’When you first joined the game… Did you see anyone? ’ ’

Isaac pondered a moment before nodding, ’ ’I did… A cold-looking woman asked my name, etc. ’ ’

Alice flinched, ’You didn ’t tell me you met someone like that… ’ She thought to herself.

She doesn ’t know that Isaac forgot about her, and that ’s why he didn ’t tell her.

Maxwell looked serious, ’ ’I see… ’ ’

He didn ’t say anything else and kept eating.

Isaac ate as well, and the dinner went in comfortable silence.

But then Sophia opened her mouth, ’ ’Isaac… Amelia asked about you. ’ ’

Maxwell and Isabella stopped eating and looked with worry towards Isaac.

Alice clenched her fist.

Isaac put the fork and knife down— he wiped his mouth with a napkin, ’ ’What does she want? ’ ’

Sophia sighed, ’ ’She… Wanted to meet you. ’ ’

’ ’Absolutely not! ’ ’ Alice shouted.

Sophia looked at her sharply, ’ ’It isn ’t your decision to make, Alice. ’ ’

Alice looked hatefully towards Sophia.

Isaac stood up and started walking away from the dining hall.

’ ’Isaac! ’ ’ Isabella shouted with worry.

Isaac stopped and looked at Sophia, ’ ’I will never meet her. ’ ’ He said with a chilly tone, which made even Maxwell have chills.

Sophia went silent and lowered her head.

Isaac gritted his teeth and left the dining room.

He went straight to the fourth floor and entered his room.

’ ’Aaahh… ’ ’ Isaac took a deep breath and sat down on his bed.

He covered his otherworldly face with his hands.

’ ’Amelia… That name brings back memories I didn ’t want to remember… ’ ’


Isaac flinched and looked at the door, which was slammed open by an angry-looking black-haired girl.

’ ’Sophia… That bitch! ’ ’ Alice growled.

’ ’Woah! ’ ’ Isaac exclaimed, ’ ’She is still your sister. ’ ’

’ ’I don ’t care! ’ ’ Alice shouted and sat down next to Isaac, ’ ’She knows how much you hate Amelia! ’ ’

Isaac sighed, ’ ’I don ’t hate her… I hate the memories which include her. ’ ’

’ ’How can you not hate her? ’ ’ Alice sadly said.

Isaac scratched his head, ’ ’She is still my first love… ’ ’

Alice looked pained, ’ ’Y-You haven ’t gotten over her? ’ ’

Isaac smiled, ’ ’I had a long time ago… ’ ’

Alice looked at him, and her face was morphed into worry. Amelia hurt him a lot, and Isaac is still in pain.

She shook her head and stood up, ’ ’I-I have school early tomorrow… Good night brother. ’ ’

’ ’Sweet dreams, ’ ’ Isaac said and looked at her as she was walking away.


The door was closed, and the room was brought back to the usual silence.

Isaac grabbed his laptop and went to the White Online websites to find anything new.

Most of the things were about classes and legacies.

[Special Stats For Every Class!]

Isaac looked curious and clicked it.

[Swordsman: Special Stat – Dexterity]

[Knight: Special Stat – Dual Wielding]

[Brawler: Special Stat – Technique]

[Thief: Special Stat – Robbing]

[Assassin: Special Stat – Stealth]

Isaac looked at the Fighter Class ’ special stats, and he felt like the biggest threat was Assassin and Thief.

Assassin ’s special stat is Stealth which will be extremely hard to defend against, and Thief ’s special stat Robbing has such tremendous potential, which makes Isaac very wary of them.

Next, he clicked the Shooter.

[Marksman: Special Stat – Precision]

[Gunner: Special Stat – Rapidity]

[Hitman: Special Stat – Instinct]

[Archer: Special Stat – Physique]

[Hunter: Special Stat – Tracking]

Isaac saw Hitman and Hunter being extremely dangerous opponents in the future.

He doesn ’t know what their limit is, but it must depend on how many Stat Points they pour on it, but as long as the player with those classes aren ’t complete dumbass, they must know that their Special Stat is the most important one.

Next, he clicked, Support.

[Medic: Special Stat – Scanner]

[Healer: Special Stat – Healing]

[Potion Master: Special Stat – Brewing]

[Poison Master: Special Stat – Resistance]

[Priest: Special Stat – Faith]

Isaac rubbed his chin— he feels like the Support class is very weird and seems very weak.

But there must be something else to it…

He shrugged and clicked the Mixed class next, which might be the most used in White Online, only because people think that the Mixed class is almost equal to Unique because the classes sound so unique.

[Paladin: Special Stat – Holy]

[Spellcaster: Special Stat – Magic]

[Trap Master: Special Stat – Intelligence]

[Trickster: Special Stat – Illusion]

[Dark Priest: Special Stat – Darkness]

Isaac wished that there would be descriptions for every class, but he guessed that no one is genuinely aware yet of the true potential of the Special Stats.

Beta Testers would know, but of course, they kept their lips shut.

Isaac surfed on the internet for a few moments longer, trying to find anything interesting.

He read a few articles about few people doing Legacy Quests and that it is an impossible quest before Level 30, at least!

Isaac wasn ’t sure about that… Why did Game Developers hurry people to find Legacies instantly if it was impossible to complete them?

’ ’… Hmm, weird. ’ ’ Isaac was about to close the laptop, but then another interesting article showed up.

[Marksman Is The Weakest Shooter Class!]

[Marksman class is, in my opinion, the weakest class! The ability of Precision can be great— it helps you to aim better and more precisely, and it will be powerful at start, but…

Once players level up higher, their reflexes because of the stat points will keep increasing until Marksman ’s Precision is entirely useless! No matter how good your aim is, you can ’t hit someone with 1000 agility!

It is different from Hitman, who can use his Instinct to dodge every attack and predict where his opponents will be! Even Archer, in my opinion is better— at first I thought that it was very weak, but when I thought deeper. The increase in Physique is extremely good! Archer can work as a sword and hand-to-hand combatant as well!]

[Every other Shooter class can work in close-quarter combat, but not Marksman! It is sniper class, and Precision works best in long-range attacks. It works in close range, but it is dozens of times weaker than any other class. I suggest not to use Marksman— it will save you from trouble in the future, and if you still didn ’t change and you were too stubborn. Don ’t say that I didn ’t warn you]

[King Klaus – Beta Tester]

’ ’Well, he sounds smart… ’ ’ Isaac looked at the comments and saw everyone agreeing and completely dissing the Marksman class.

He shook his head, ’ ’Morons…. ’ ’

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