White Online

Chapter 14 - StreamKing.

Next Day.

Isaac woke up, took a shower, brushed his teeth, and put his clothes on.

He went downstairs and saw it being empty as always.

He put on his shoes and jacket and opened the front door.

The ground was again filled with snow, and the servants of the mansion used shovels to clear the snow.

Once they saw Isaac appearing, they bowed respectfully and continued doing their jobs.

Isaac put his hands on his pockets— there was a warm season in Winterland and the cold season.

The warm season is still cold, but the cold season is very cold.

Every breath he took caused cold smoke to appear in front of him, and he felt his face turning numb.

He reached the Metal Gates and was instantly stopped by two men wearing thick winter clothing.

’ ’Young master, where are you going? ’ ’ The first bodyguard, also known as Michael, asked respectfully.

Isaac sighed, ’ ’Going for a walk. ’ ’

’ ’May we accompany you? Master ’s orders. ’ ’ The second bodyguard, also known as Richard, asked.

’ ’Doesn ’t matter what I say… Right? ’ ’ Isaac asked with a raised eyebrow.

Michael wryly smiled, ’ ’Sorry, young master. Master ’s orders are absolute. ’ ’

Isaac sighed and nodded, ’ ’Fine… ’ ’

The two bodyguards nodded and opened the gates.

Isaac exited the Mansion ’s premises while the two bodyguards walked 10 meters behind him.

Isaac rubbed his two hands together, ’I should have brought my mittens… I forgot that cold season starts… ’

’ ’Excuse me, young master. ’ ’ Michael said and walked next to him.

’ ’Yes, Michael? ’ ’ Isaac asked.

Michael offered pair of mittens.

Isaac shook his head, ’ ’I don ’t need… ’ ’

Michael wryly smiled, ’ ’We need to protect you from the cold as well. ’ ’

Isaac sighed— he resisted facepalming.

He nodded and took the mittens, ’ ’Thanks… ’ ’

’ ’No problem. ’ ’ Michael smiled and walked next to Richard.

’I am not some helpless kitten… ’ Isaac thought, but he knew that rejecting wouldn ’t do any good.

His parents are slightly overprotective.

’ ’Hey, Isaac. ’ ’

Isaac heard a voice.

He turned his head towards a mansion with massive metal gates, very similar with their house.

Isaac smiled after seeing a gentle-looking woman on the other side of the metal gates.

The woman was wearing heavy winter clothing, but it didn ’t lessen her charm— instead slightly amplified it. She had beautiful flowing blond hair and a voluptuous body. She had delicate-looking eyebrows, a cute pointed nose, and a face that could rival any model.

’ ’Mrs. Rachel, ’ ’ Isaac said with a smile.

Rachel gently smiled, ’ ’Just call me Rachel. How have you been? ’ ’ She asked with a caring tone.

’ ’I have been fine, going for a walk, ’ ’ Isaac said while sneakily pointing towards two bodyguards.

Rachel put her hand on her mouth and gently giggled, ’ ’I see, but you need to understand they are doing it because they love you. ’ ’

Isaac is aware that she is talking about his parents.

He nodded and replied, ’ ’I know… ’ ’

’ ’Come closer. ’ ’ Rachel said with a gentle smile.

Isaac reached the metal gates and felt Rachel ’s warm hands touching his cheeks.

They had a metal gate between them, separating their bodies.

’ ’Soft as always. ’ ’ Rachel giggled and played with his cheeks.

Isaac rolled his eyes, ’ ’Why do you all like to play with my cheeks? ’ ’

Rachel giggled and took her hands back, ’ ’I am envious of your skin… It ’s snow-white, combined with your beautiful white hair. I am very envious. ’ ’

Isaac chuckled, ’ ’I don ’t know should I take that as a compliment… I am a guy after all. ’ ’

Rachel chuckled, ’ ’If you crossdress as a girl, nobody would doubt a thing. ’ ’ She said teasingly.

’ ’Alright! ’ ’ Isaac said loudly, ’ ’It was nice seeing you. ’ ’

’ ’Take care, and you are always welcomed to visit us. ’ ’ Rachel said gently.

Isaac nodded and waved his hand.

He started walking towards the gates of the neighborhood.

The gate was guarded by two same guards as two days ago when Isaac went for a walk.

The guard who gave him an anger-filled gaze saw Isaac approaching.

He elbowed his partner in guard duty, ’ ’It ’s that brat again. ’ ’

His partner looked at Isaac and snorted, ’ ’Shall we do it again? But slower. ’ ’

The guard smirked and nodded.

Isaac reached the gate.

’ ’ID. ’ ’ The guard asked while hiding a smirk.

’ ’ID? Excuse me? ’ ’ Isaac raised an eyebrow.

’ ’Are you deaf? Give me your ID. ’ ’

Isaac ’s eyebrow twitched— he grabbed his wallet and showed his ID.

The guard looked at the ID and then looked towards Isaac.

’ ’You don ’t look anything like the picture in ID. ’ ’ The guard said with a visible smirk.

Isaac grimaced— he looked at the ID picture, and it was 100% similar because he got a new ID 10 days ago!

’ ’Just let me fucking pass, ’ ’ Isaac retorted.

’ ’Not with that attitude, go back to your mom, you fucking brat. ’ ’ The guard said mockingly.

Isaac grimaced, but then a shadow leaped over the gate.

The two guards widened their eyes as they saw Michael jumping over the gate effortlessly.

Michael took a gun from his gun holster and aimed it towards the guard ’s head.

’ ’He is Young Master of Whitelock family! Show some respect! ’ ’ Michael roared angrily.

The guards paled instantly— their bodies started trembling, and they almost fell on their butts.

Michael snorted and pushed the button on the desk which opened the gates.

Isaac exited the neighborhood through the gates.

’ ’Michael, that ’s enough. ’ ’ Isaac said with tired face.

Michael nodded and put his gun back to his holster.

’ ’My Master will find out about this, ’ ’ Michael said with a chilly tone.

The guards paled.

’ ’W-We were only doing our jobs! ’ ’ The guard who made fun of Isaac said with a despairing tone.

Michael snorted, ’ ’Do you think I am stupid? You are lucky if you keep your life, don ’t push your luck. ’ ’

He then turned around and started walking behind Isaac, who had already walked some distance away.

Richard didn ’t move yet, and turned his head towards the guards, ’ ’It isn ’t Isaac ’s fault that your wife left you. ’ ’

The guard grimaced, ’ ’She left me because she fell in love with that brat! ’ ’

Richard snorted, ’ ’Isaac didn ’t know… It was all your wife ’s doing, and she was stupid enough to think that she could seduce our young master— how foolish. ’ ’ He turned around and started following Isaac.

The guard clenched his fist hatefully.

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