White Online

Chapter 14 - StreamKing.

be in a few hours. ’ ’

Isaac pondered and nodded, ’ ’I will play for a few hours, I guess. ’ ’

Isabella nodded and smiled, ’ ’Have fun. ’ ’

Isaac nodded and ascended the stairs all the way to the fourth floor.

He entered his room and took his sweater off, and only wore his t-shirt.

’ ’Let ’s see how are the others doing… ’ ’ Isaac murmured and grabbed his laptop.

He went straight to a Livestreaming platform called StreamKing.

It is currently the most popular one, and some top streamers have over a million viewers every stream.

Isaac went straight to Underlord ’s stream and saw his viewer rate being at 631k!

He opened the stream and started watching.

Underlord walked in the streets, but the buildings were much bigger and stylish than the Swornword village.

He was currently in the Starting City called Stronglord, located in South Continent.

There are five continents.

South, West, East, North, and Central.

Every continent has its own Starting City, and the Continent where people are summoned is not random!

In real life, there are four Continents.

Winterland, Summerland, Autumnland, and Springland.

Since Underlord is in South Continent, it means he is from Winterland.

Your Continent is determined where you live in real life.

The Stronglord city was massive, spanning over 10 kilometers.

The City was surrounded by a massive rock wall, with a height of 50 meters, and the architecture wasn ’t as old as villages.

The architecture was similar to the 1800s century.

There was also a proper road, not as smooth as asphalt, but still much better than a dirt road.

The City was also much larger than village, it could definitely fit hundreds of thousands of players and NPC alike.

There was a massive mountain in the City, and at the top of the mountain, there was a majestic-looking palace.

It was the Royal Palace of the Stronglord Empire.

Isaac looked fascinated as Underlord kept walking in the streets.

But then Underlord showed his stats… The stat points were hidden, but everything else was seen clearly.

[Name: Underlord]

[Level: 13]

[HP: ???/???]

[XP: 1560/2500]

[SP: 0]

[White Coins: 13945]

[Title: None]

[Class: Dark Priest]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: ???]

[AGI: ???]

[VIT: ???]

[STA: ???]

[DAR: ???]

[CHA: ???]

[Desperate Prayer: ???]

[Legacy Quest: ???]




[Log Out]

Isaac watched with mouth agape.

’ ’Waahh… He is indeed pro. ’ ’ Isaac felt amazed.

’ ’He has hidden the Quest description as well… I guess that ’s smart, and the HP and stat points as well… So that no one uses that knowledge to their advantage, I guess… ’ ’

’ ’He also has skill already… That is amazing. ’ ’ Isaac was genuinely amazed, he is sure that Underlord isn ’t the best player, but he is one of the most entertaining ones… But even he is Level 13… How high are the top players?

’ ’Was he Beta Tester as well…? ’ ’ Isaac pondered— he closed the laptop and stood up.

He went to his wardrobe, opened the doors, and grabbed a box.

He put the box gently on the floor and grabbed a blue-colored helmet.

Isaac lied down on the bed and started wearing the VR Helmet.


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