White Online

Chapter 18 - Blindspot.

In real life.

[You Have Died!]

[You Have Been Killed By Player Wraith!]

[Your Level Was 6!]

[You Got Demoted To Level 1!]

[Penalty: Unable To Play For 1 Week!]

’ ’RAAA! ’ ’ Tom took the VR Helmet off and roared angrily.

’ ’Tom! Quiet down! ’ ’ A female voice came from downstairs.

’ ’Sorry, mom… ’ ’ Tom said, but he was clenching his fists in anger.

’ ’Wraith… ’ ’ He murmured the name hatefully— he quickly grabbed his phone and dialed Luke.


The phone rang a few moments until it connected.

’ ’Luke! What happened? ’ ’ Tom asked in a hurry.

Luke sighed, ’ ’I got killed by player Wraith… What about you? ’ ’

Tom gritted his teeth, ’ ’Same… ’ ’

’ ’Heard about Jess? ’ ’ Luke asked.

’ ’No… I will call her! ’ ’ Tom disconnected the phone call and dialed Jess ’ number.


The phone rang a few seconds until it connected.

’ ’Jess! What happened?! ’ ’

Jess sighed on the other side of the phone, ’ ’Player Wraith killed me… And he also killed the Bear. ’ ’

’ ’YOU ARE USELESS— YOU SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM! ’ ’ Tom roared out of anger.

’ ’Excuse me?! I am a healer! ’ ’ Jess shouted.

Tom was brought out of his anger, ’ ’I-I didn ’t mean i… ’ ’ Before he could finish his sentence, Jess hung up.

’ ’THIS IS ALL WRAITH ’S FAULT! ’ ’ Tom shouted and threw his phone down.


’ ’Sorry, mom… ’ ’ Tom sat down on the bed with a defeated expression.

’ ’I will get my revenge… ’ ’ Tom bit his lip and swore.

’ ’He seems to be player killer and kill stealer… There must be more victims. ’ ’ Tom went to his PC and opened the White Online forums.

He started writing article with an interesting title.

[Wraith, I will get my revenge!]

A young man opened a door.

He had short red hair, with average face, and a slightly dirty outfit. His body was average as well, somewhat overweight.

’ ’Finally, it ’s here! ’ ’ Salamander exclaimed.

He grabbed a box outside the house and took it back inside.

He went to buy a new VR Helmet yesterday, but it was sold out.

He had to order a new one and managed to get one today.

Salamander took a beautiful white-colored VR Helmet with the words Gold on the golden text on the side.

He bought another Gold Ranked Helmet because people say that every rank has a very big difference.

If you have used Gold Ranker Helmet and then use Silver Ranked.

The difference is like day and night— it feels so uncomfortable playing with lower ranked that some people can ’t even play.

The Gold Ranked Helmet costs 1499$, and the next rank, Platinum, costs 2999$.

This means he could have bought Platinum Ranked one, but he had no idea that his Gold Ranked Helmet would become useless in one day, and he didn ’t want to spend all his money for Platinum Ranked one… but because Wraith killed him, he had no other choice.

He walked to his room and put the VR Helmet gently on his bed.

He was living in a house that had only a living room, kitchen, and two rooms.

It is a one-floor apartment as well, and he was the only one who lived here.

He was currently a college student with high hopes of becoming rich, but White Online took away all his attention.

Because he knows… That White Online could be his way to stardom and wealth.

But Wraith killing him ruined his plan.

He already got fools as his party members who believed every word he said, but he always planned to kill them and taking their stuff once they were high enough level.

’ ’Wraith… ’ ’ He gritted his teeth hatefully only by saying his name.

’ ’I need to find a way to level up quick… ’ ’ Salamander murmured and opened his old-looking laptop.

All his money went to his food and rent, but now he spent 3000$ on VR Helmets.

He needs to barely eat to survive this month, but he doesn ’t care.

He only cares about White Online!

Salamander went instantly to the forum, trying to find leveling up tips from pro players.

But instead… He saw a fascinating article.

[Wraith, I will get my revenge!]

’ ’Hmm… Could it be?! ’ ’ Salamander instantly clicked the article and started reading.

The article mentioned Swornword Village and a player called Wraith.

’ ’TomValeo… ’ ’ Salamander murmured after seeing the name of the person who did the article.

He instantly started writing a message towards him.

[Salamander: I was killed by Wraith as well, and I am sure there are more, let ’s hunt him down!]

In a luxurious room.

A young man with golden hair and bright blue eyes was sitting in front of the PC. His face was quite attractive, with sharp eyebrows and a semi-athletic figure. He is KnightOfHoliness.

And he was not having a good day.

Yesterday he was killed by Wraith and managed to run away from his friend KnightOfCharming.

He and KnightOfProtection told him to keep chasing and kill him before he reached Level 6!

But he didn ’t find him, which made both of them angry.

KnightOfHoliness was still waiting for his VR Helmet to arrive, but he will be left behind by other players, and getting levels will be even more challenging.

Everyone around the Village will be already higher level than them.

Luckily KnightOfCharming has reached Level 6 and can protect them.

But there is still the threat of Wraith.

Since KnightOfHoliness had nothing to do, he was surfing the internet.

Mainly on White Online forums.

He was gathering any information which helps him to level up safely, but there was nothing useful since most of the players kept their methods secret.

But then… He saw an interesting article.

[Wraith, I will get my revenge!]

It was written by a player called TomValeo.

KnightOfHoliness out of curiosity started reading the article and noticed that the player he was talking about was the same person who killed him!

And the one who wrote the article didn ’t seem to know the face of Wraith.

But KnightOfHoliness does.

He grinned viciously and started writing a message.

[KnightOfHoliness: Wraith killed me as well! And it seems that you don ’t know how he looks, but I do! I will never forget his face, and I have two other friends who want to get revenge as well. I can help you to get your revenge, but you also need to help to get mine]

And just like that… Without Isaac knowing anything… He was now an enemy of three figures…

Who in the future will be known as Three Dragons of Wraithless.

It is a Guild whose primary purpose is to kill Wraith…

But that is all in the future….

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