White Online

Chapter 23 - Solo Dungeon.

Isaac quickly put two more rocks on the rubberband and fired them!

The Assassin with ease dodged.

Isaac could see the outline of his opponent, but the Assassins figure was getting more clearer.

Meaning that his Stealth is running out!

Isaac quickly took a glance at his health bar.

[HP: 43/65 – Leather Armor Effect!]

He couldn ’t see his opponent ’s HP— it must be hidden because of the Stealth.

The Assassin started running with a speed that astonished Isaac.

’His agility must be over 40! ’ Isaac anxiously thought and started shooting more Rock Bullets.

The Assassin started moving with zigzag movement, and only a few seconds later, he arrived in front of Isaac.

’ ’Miss, don ’t hate me for this. Maybe we can go for a drink or two? ’ ’ The Assassin said while his dagger was touching Isaac ’s throat.

’He thinks I am a girl? What the fuck! ’ Isaac cried out— small sweatdrops started trickling down his face, which made his face even more beautiful and delicate.

’I can sweat in this game? This game feels so… Real. ’

The Assassin looked at his delicate face, ’ ’You are very beautiful, maybe we can be a party— I will help you get into Level 10, I am currently Level 9, and there aren ’t many who are stronger than me in Swornword. ’ ’

The Assassin ’s Stealth finally disappeared, and Isaac could see his face.

The Assassin was an average-looking male with a dark cloak over his head and a black-colored outfit.

He also saw his nametag.


[Level 9]

[HP: 81/81 – Leather Armor Effect!]

’His clothes must be hiding his Armor… He is smart. ’ Isaac gulped and felt the sharp edge of the dagger touching his soft skin.

Even though you cannot experience pain in this game, for some reason, Isaac felt the sharpness of the blade clearly.

’ ’Well, what is your answer? ’ ’ ShadowCloak asked impatiently.

Isaac dropped his slingshot and surrendered.

’ ’Good… I will send a party invite. ’ ’ ShadowCloak said with slight excitement, he used his other hand to press the Inventory, but that was what Isaac wanted.

He quickly opened his Inventory, grabbed the Flintlock pistol, and pressed the trigger.


’ ’URGHH! ’ ’ ShadowCloak stumbled backward, and there was a massive wound on his stomach.

Some kind of blue liquid left the wound.

’ ’Y-You! ’ ’ ShadowCloak angrily growled— he looked at his Inventory and saw that his Stealth will work after 20 more seconds!

And, a painful message popped up in front of him.

[You Lost 65 HP!]

[HP: 16/81 – Leather Armor Effect!]

Isaac quickly put the Flintlock pistol back to the Inventory and grabbed the Slingshot from the ground.

ShadowCloak was already running towards him with an enraged face.

Isaac fired Rock Bullets towards him, but ShadowCloak parried the rocks with frightening accuracy.

’ ’Shit! ’ ’ Isaac quickly jumped backward, and ShadowCloak finally heard his voice.

’ ’Y-You are a boy? ’ ’ He said with shock, and embarrassment was evident on his face.

He was simping towards boy! His friends would never let him forget about this experience.

Especially because his friends were watching the fight currently!

In real life in his home.

A small power cord connected the VR Helmet with the TV, which allows everyone to see the same things what ShadowCloak is seeing.

And currently, three of his friends are looking at him playing because they don ’t have VR Helmet yet.

They were trying not to laugh, but it was getting more difficult with each passing second.

ShadowCloak in the game had a red face, filled with anger and embarrassment.

With anger, he rushed towards Isaac and quickly lowered Isaac ’s HP.

Isaac tried to dodge, but his agility wasn ’t high enough to resist ShadowCloak ’s rampage.

[HP: 18/65 – Leather Armor Effect!]

His arms were filled with wounds, and some kind of blue liquid left the wounds, staining the ground on blue dots.

ShadowCloak ’s feet contacted with Isaac ’s stomach, which sent him flying.

Isaac crashed on the nearby tree and saw his vision getting darker.

[You Lost 15 HP!]

[HP: 3/65 – Leather Armor Effect!]

Isaac didn ’t feel pain, but he felt like it was very difficult to breathe.

He tried to use his arms to push himself up, but it felt like he didn ’t have any strength left.

ShadowCloak approached him with his dagger ready to strike.

Isaac sighed and thought, ’My first death… I guess I will be stuck in the village much longer… ’

But then, after those thoughts.

Messages popped up in front of him.

[The Mythical Figure is watching the match!]

[The Mythical Figure tells you to use your wits and your advantages to win against all odds]

’My wits… Advantages…? ’ Isaac kept thinking until finally, he thought about something.

’That ’s it! ’ He cried out in his mind.

ShadowCloak appeared in front of him and pointed his dagger towards Isaac ’s neck.

’ ’Final words, you bastard? ’ ’ ShadowCloak said angrily— he already knows that his friends will make fun of him.

And that made him angry and frustrated.


But out of nowhere…

Isaac started crying.

At least, he sounded like he was crying, but no tears came.

’ ’W-Why *Sob* Are you so mean? ’ ’ Isaac turned his teary eyes towards ShadowCloak.

He saw his innocent face and felt like a thousand arrows pierced his heart.

’No! ’ ShadowCloak screamed and slapped himself, ’Fuck, don ’t get distracted. ’

Isaac quickly opened an Inventory and grabbed the dagger he stole from ShadowCloak.


He stabbed ShadowCloak ’s leg with it, and soon the ShadowCloak ’s HP went all the way down to zero.

’ ’W-Wait, Wha— ’ ’ He couldn ’t finish his sentence until he turned into pixels.

Isaac slumped down on the ground and took a deep breath.

A messages popped up in front of him.

[You Killed ShadowCloak!]

[90 XP Earned!]

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 6]

[HP: 3/65 – Leather Armor Effect!]

[XP: 480/700]

[SP: 0]

[White Coins: 2200]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None + Legacy Tournament Contender]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 13]

[AGI: 35]

[VIT: 25]

[STA: 22]

[PRE: 45]

[CHA: 10]




[Friend List]


[Log Out]

[The Mythical Figure is impressed!]

[Relationship improved by 20!]

Isaac sighed, ’ ’That was so embarrassing… I will never do that again… But come one… Why everyone thinks I am a girl, maybe I really should build more muscle. ’ ’

With those thoughts, Isaac stayed on the ground for another 10 minutes until his HP got restored.

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