White Online

Chapter 25 - Isaacs Trickery.

’t be farfetched to say that he can fight with level 11 and 12 players.

And Kornelius was Level 10, which means that he got his first skill!

Level 10 is when you get the first skill, and the difference will be huge between Level 9 and Level 10.

Isaac didn ’t know that.

Overall strength is quite similar, but the first skill makes Level 10 players much stronger.

Kornelius ’ friends left the area— they don ’t need to get Kornelius ’ stuff from the Dungeon because he has enough White Coins to buy more sets, but the level loss will hurt, and he will be behind other players by a lot!

This wasn ’t on Kornelius ’ plans.

He planned to make Guild with his friends, and he would be the Guildmaster because he thinks that his combat strength isn ’t far from pro players, so they could earn a lot of reputation and new members quickly.

But now that Kornelius died, he might never be able to catch up to the top players!

There were still some players left in the area.

Most of them thought that Kornelius was weak because they haven ’t seen him fight.

They eyed each other, there wasn ’t anyone who could take the lead, so this confrontation will end up in catastrophe.

Hellsky, WinterLove, and SnowMaiden stood in front of Isaac.

They planned to protect him from these filthy animals!

’Dirty insects… Your presence might taint his innocence… My blade thirsts for blood! ’ Hellsky had a scary look on her face.

She unsheathed her dagger— Her class is Assassin.

WinterLove narrowed her eyes and unsheathed her sword.

She is a Swordswoman, a female version of Swordsman.

SnowMaiden took a blue-colored cane from her Inventory. She is a Priest, and in the future she could even get healing spells, which could help her two friends.

The players unsheathed their weapons and prepared for battle.

It seems like the battle is inevitable at this moment.

’ ’Wait! ’ ’ But then, out of nowhere, a shout was heard.

Everyone turned their heads towards Isaac, and most of them were shocked hearing his voice.

They all widened their eyes in shock— that beautiful individual was actually a boy!

Isaac stood up and said calmly, ’ ’We can talk this through— no need to fight. ’ ’

’ ’Like how, another vote? ’ ’ A player said with a frown.

Isaac shook his head, ’ ’That would be not fair. We can do a small game and decide who goes first and who after. ’ ’

The players looked at each other and nodded.

But they didn ’t lower their guards.

Isaac took a rock from his pouch and put it on the ground.

He gave everyone one pair of rocks, and then he said, ’ ’The one who manages to throw it closest to the rock will go first. ’ ’

Everyone nodded their heads.

Hellsky, WinterLove, and SnowMaiden stood next to Isaac like they were his bodyguards.

Everyone did a small line and started throwing their own rocks.

Isaac actually did the same trick as Kornelius.

The players didn ’t know what class most of them had, and no one saw any Shooter classes around, so they thought that its fair game.

But it wasn ’t.

Isaac never revealed his class, but he is Marksman with special stat Precision.

This game is incredibly advantageous for Isaac.

The reason he did this was to end this useless fighting, and he wasn ’t confident in surviving the battle, and he was worried about Hellsky and others dying as well.

This was the easiest solution, and Isaac wanted to go check out the Dungeon… He might die… But if he doesn ’t…. He might reach Level 10 without even realizing it.

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