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Chapter 28 - God Of Mischief.

[Welcome to Solo Dungeon Swornword!]

Isaac saw a message popping up in front of him.

Outside of the cave, they saw nothing but darkness.

But now… The cave was lit up, and Isaac could clearly see the interior of the dungeon.

The walls were brown, and small lanterns were hanging from the ceiling.

He turned around and saw a stone wall blocking his path… Meaning that he can ’t leave.

He turned his head around and saw the end of the corridor and a room not far from him.

Isaac took his Flintlock from the Inventory and carefully walked forwards.

Soon, he entered the spacious room.

Small blue-colored crystals were hanging from the ceiling, illuminating the room in cozy blue color.

Isaac turned his gaze away and looked in front of him…

There were three doors.

Three wooden doors and each one of them had a different letter.

The first door had the letter G.

The second door had the letter D.

And the third door had the letter O.

’ ’GDO? ’ ’ Isaac raised an eyebrow.

’ ’Hmm… ’ ’ Isaac pondered and started changing the order of the letters.

’ ’Dog… God… ’ ’

’ ’No matter what order of the letters is… Only one of those letters can be in the correct spot… ’ ’ Isaac turned his head towards the first door with the letter G.

He isn ’t sure if this is luck-based.

But he decided to open the first door.


The door creaked menacingly, and cold air assaulted Isaac ’s figure.

’ ’C-Cold… ’ ’ Isaac ’s delicate body trembled.

Isaac quickly closed the door.

He went to the second door and tried to open it but couldn ’t.

He couldn ’t open the third door either.

He went back to the first door and tried to open it.

This time, the door opened.

The cold air again assaulted Isaac ’s nerve system, but he knew that he needed to go there!

Isaac could feel his breathing getting faster, which isn ’t good.

’I might start hyperventilating! H-How can I feel cold when I can ’t feel pain… This world is getting more mysterious every day. ’

Isaac started taking breaths which lasted at least 12 seconds.

This way the chances of him hyperventilating and dropping unconscious is decreasing greatly.

He took one step towards the cold corridor, and instantly the door behind him slammed shut.

Isaac started moving his shoulders up and down, trying to warm himself up, and he started rubbing his hands on his torso.

He still felt cold, but this time he wasn ’t ice cold.

Isaac quickly started walking— he didn ’t dare to run because there might be traps ahead.

Isaac did put his Flintlock on the Inventory because he isn ’t sure is it possible for the Flintlock pistol to freeze and malfunction.

He walked for another 2 minutes, and his white hair was starting to freeze!

But luckily, he saw the end of the corridor soon.

After he exited the corridor, the cold weather disappeared.

’ ’Ahh… Huff… ’ ’ Isaac took deep breaths and moved his hands around his body.

Trying to warm his body even slightly.


But then, the door he entered was lit in multiple colors!

Isaac turned his head towards the ceiling and saw hundreds of crystals! All different colors.

The crystals warmed the room enough so that Isaac ’s freezing body became normal.

Isaac could finally concentrate.

This room has now 4 doors!

The first door had the letter Y.

The second door had the letter H.

The third door had the letter T.

The fourth door had the letter M.

’ ’Hmm… ’ ’ Isaac changed the letter orders and only got one word.

’ ’Myth… ’ ’ Isaac murmured and turned his head towards the third door.

He gulped and opened the third door.

This time… The corridor was silent… Very silent…

It wasn ’t cold or hot.

Isaac entered the corridor, and once again, the door behind him slammed shut.

Isaac took his Flintlock pistol and started walking forwards.

He walked very slowly, and soon he saw the exit of the corridor.

Isaac felt like something was amiss, but he kept walking.

He walked for another 10 seconds and reached the end of the corridor.

When he was about to take a step to the room… He stopped!

Isaac quickly took his leg back.

The room was very silent… But Isaac didn ’t see any doors in the room!

’Did I choose wrong? Damn! ’ Isaac grimaced.

Isaac took a rock from his pouch and threw it towards the room.

When the rock touched the ground… It turned into ashes!

Isaac gritted his teeth— he turned around and was about to walk away.

But then…

He heard a noise coming from the corridor he came from!

It was like something was rolling towards him!

Isaac narrowed his eyes and saw a giant boulder rolling towards him!

Isaac widened his eyes— he quickly turned his head towards the room and started thinking.

His brilliant mind thought hundreds of different conclusions, but all of them ended in death.

The boulder was now only 100 meters away from him.

Isaac peeked from the corridor and looked around the room.

He saw nothing to use to climb… But he remembered something which could help him survive!

Isaac put his Flintlock back on the Inventory and took a pair of daggers!



He stabbed the room ’s walls with the two daggers.

Now the daggers blades were deeply in stuck on the wall.

Isaac put his two feet on them and started standing on top of the two daggers!

He was now in the room, while the two daggers could barely hold his weight!



The boulder left the corridor and crashed on the wall, which should have the doors in the others room, but not on this one.

Isaac was grabbing the wall with his frail-looking hands, and he could feel the daggers slipping!

But he didn ’t notice… That after a boulder hit the wall, the grey-colored ground turned brown.

’ ’N-No! ’ ’ Isaac fell down on the ground after his feet slipped.

He was expecting to turn into ashes… But nothing happened.

Isaac turned his head towards the ground and saw that it had changed colors!

He grabbed the two daggers from the ground and stood up with a rapid heartbeat.

But then, he saw the wall where the boulder crashed onto!

The wall had a massive hole and in front of that was the destroyed boulder.

But the destroyed wall showed a corridor!

Isaac put the daggers back on the Inventory and entered the mysterious corridor.

The destroyed wall behind him quickly got restored, and the brown floor became grey once again…

Isaac didn ’t notice that there were other stab signs on the wall… Someone else has used the same trick as Isaac!

And someone…. Made this far!

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