White Online

Chapter 4 - World Of White.

The sky started brightening.

A bright light came from the window, illuminating Isaac ’s room.

In the bed, a handsome, or more precisely, a beautiful young man was sleeping.

He was sleeping without a blanket, and his clothes were filled with wrinkles.

Isaac groggily stood up.

’ ’I fell asleep… ’ ’ Isaac facepalmed— he was still wearing his yesterday ’s clothes.

He took them off and entered his bathroom.

Isaac took a cold shower and brushed his teeth.

Shortly afterward, he left the bathroom and walked towards his wardrobe.

He grabbed a plain black t-shirt, boxers, and white sweatpants.

Next, he took his phone and looked at the time.

[10.34 A.M]

’ ’There is still time… ’ ’ Isaac murmured and left his room.

His family is gone— there are only the caretakers who clean the house and cook their breakfast and dinners.

His siblings have gone to school, his parents to work.

Isaac went to the kitchen and grabbed a left-over sandwich from the breakfast, and greedily ate it.

Two cameras were pointing at Isaac ’s figure, but he had gotten used to it.

There are hundreds of cameras in the mansion, but not in his room, even though his parents insisted.

It had a simple explanation. Since he is left alone in the mansion and only strangers are around him. His parents look at the cameras every 10 minutes, making sure that he is okay.

But there is also 30 men bodyguard team ready to protect Isaac at a moment ’s notice.

It is slightly overkill, but no one listened to Isaac ’s complaints.

Isaac left the kitchen, sat down on the couch in the living room, and started watching News, which again talked about White Online.

Only a little bit over 1 hour remaining until the servers open.

Every second, people keep getting more and more excited.

A group of servants entered the house after doing their jobs of cleaning snow from the front yard.

’ ’Young master. ’ ’ They all bowed respectfully and went towards their next destination.

Isaac nodded towards them and lied down on the couch.

He opened his phone and started watching Livestream of his favorite streamer.

The phone screen showed a gentle-looking man talking with his viewers, while countdown till White Online servers are opened was shown on the top left of the screen.

’ ’Only 1 hour remaining! ’ ’ The gentle-looking man shouted excitedly; there was the large font on the bottom of the screen with words [Underlord] and [Viewers: 123,940]

Underlord is the streamer ’s name.

He was talking with the viewers while Isaac was listening to his voice eyes closed.

The stream ’s chat was going crazy, some kids bragging about not going to school so that they could play White Online.

Underlord sternly told not to skip school, but there was slight amusement in his eyes.

30 minutes later.

’ ’Only 30 minutes left! ’ ’ Underlord ’s voice echoed in Isaac ’s ears.

10 minutes later.

’ ’Only 20 minutes left! ’ ’

10 minutes later.

’ ’Only 10 minutes left! ’ ’

5 minutes later.

’ ’I am logging in! Only 5 minutes left! ’ ’

After those words, Isaac opened his eyes and closed the phone.

He went straight towards his room and took his VR Helmet from his wardrobe.

He didn ’t need to plug the VR Helmet anywhere— as long as there is an internet connection, it will work.

Isaac lied down on his bed and put the helmet on his head.


The visor showed those words, and soon Isaac ’s face went blank.

His eyes showed visor one moment, but next moment when he blinked.

He only saw a pure white light.

[Hello, User!]

Isaac heard a voice, but he ignored it and went to [Games] section.

At Top 1 position White Online was located!

He pressed it with his finger.

[White Online – 99$]

’ ’Ah… Damn. ’ ’ Isaac felt bad— he had to use the 100$ his mother gave him yesterday.

But he pressed the words [Buy]

He had to fill all kinds of credit card information.

After that, his purchase was completed.

The game downloaded instantly.


Isaac pressed Play, and his vision instantly turned black.

He appeared in a small space with a countdown in front of him.




[Servers are opened!]

Isaac ’s suddenly appeared in a small garden with beautiful flowers and bushes with a small table in the middle of it.

There were two seats, and another one was already occupied by a beautiful woman. She was wearing a beautiful white-colored robe, which made her figure look mesmerizing and appealing.

The white-colored robes were slightly baggy, but it only made people wonder more what was underneath.

But the woman looked cold, like very cold.

She didn ’t even glance towards Isaac and only kept drinking the tea.

Isaac walked towards the table, ’ ’May I sit? ’ ’ He asked.

But the woman didn ’t answer.

’ ’I will just sit then? ’ ’ Isaac said with uncertainty but sat down.

Isaac sat silently, waiting for the woman to finish her tea.

It took 5 minutes, but then finally she put her cup down and took first look towards Isaac.

’ ’Name. ’ ’ The woman said bluntly.

’ ’Isaac. ’ ’

’ ’Isaac, hmm… The name has been already chosen, ’ ’ The woman said, ’ ’Choose another one. ’ ’

’ ’Oh, I was supposed to choose my nickname? Alright then. ’ ’ Isaac started thinking deeply.

The woman kept staring at him with cold-looking eyes.

Isaac spent 1 minute…

2 minutes…

Even after 3 minutes, he didn ’t stop thinking.

The woman ’s eyebrows twitched, ’ ’Choose already! ’ ’

’ ’God damn it. ’ ’ Isaac facepalmed.

’ ’What? ’ ’

Isaac sighed and looked at her, ’ ’I had a good nickname at the tip of my tongue, but you had to ruin it. I need to think again! ’ ’ After those words, he started thinking.

Black thick marks started appearing on the woman ’s beautiful forehead.

1 minutes…

2 minutes…

3 minutes…

The woman was red in anger— she kept biting her lips angrily.

After 5 minutes, Isaac finally exclaimed, ’ ’I have a good one! ’ ’

’ ’Tell me! ’ ’ The woman growled.

’ ’Isaac2, ’ ’ Isaac replied.

The woman gritted her teeth angrily, ’ ’THAT NAME IS TAKEN! ’ ’

’ ’Isaac3? ’ ’

’ ’TAKEN! ’ ’

’ ’Isaac4? ’ ’

’ ’TAKEEEN! ’ ’

Isaac scratched his head, ’ ’I have to think another one then. ’ ’

The woman was fuming in anger.

1 minutes…

2 minutes…

3 minutes…

10 minutes…

The woman didn ’t have the energy to be angry anymore— she sat silently while counting the number of flowers in the garden.

’ ’I GOT ONE! ’ ’ Isaac exclaimed.

’ ’I highly doubt that. ’ ’ The woman said with dead-looking eyes.

’ ’Wraith! ’ ’ Isaac crossed his arms and proudly declared.

’ ’IT ’S NOT TAKEN, YEEES! ’ ’ The woman cheered and snapped her fingers.

Words [Wraith] appeared on top of Isaac ’s head.

’ ’Choose your class, quick! ’ ’ The woman said with hope, the young man in front of her must have thought beforehand… right?!

Isaac went into thinking posture, ’ ’Which one… ’ ’

The woman went pale, ’ ’Y-You don ’t know? ’ ’

Isaac shook his head.

The woman put all the available classes in front of Isaac.

But he didn ’t change his expression.

’ ’C-Choose one, please! ’ ’

’ ’Hmm… ’ ’ Isaac was still thinking.

’ ’FINE, I WILL CHOOSE ONE FOR YOU! ’ ’ The woman snapped her fingers.

A word [Marksman] appeared in front of Isaac.

’ ’Marksman? ’ ’ Isaac shrugged, ’ ’Fine by me. ’ ’

The woman sighed and again snapped her fingers, ’ ’Choose where to put your stat points, then you can leave! ’ ’

Isaac nodded, and suddenly blue-colored Interface appeared in front of him.

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 10/10]

[XP: 0/50]

[SP: 100]

[White Coins: 0]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marskman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 0] – Strength

[AGI: 0] – Agility

[VIT: 0] – Vitality

[STA: 0] – Stamina

[PRE: 0] – Precision

[CHA: 0] – Charm

’ ’This is your stats. Every class has a different special stat, and your special stat is Precision! ’ ’ The woman said.

Isaac nodded— he started putting the stats quickly.

The woman looked confused, ’ ’What are you doing? Should you not think about it, at least?! The decision where to put your stat points is crucial! ’ ’

’ ’Done, ’ ’ Isaac said, ignoring the shocked woman.

’ ’Why did I get this moron… ’ ’ The woman sighed.

The Interface looked like this now.

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 25/25]

[XP: 0/50]

[SP: 0]

[White Coins: 0]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 9] – Strength

[AGI: 20] – Agility

[VIT: 15] – Vitality

[STA: 16] – Stamina

[PRE: 30] – Precision

[CHA: 10] – Charm

Isaac nodded, he was pleased with his decisions.

’ ’Is everything done? ’ ’ Isaac asked.

The woman was still facepalming, not even looking at his stats, ’ ’Yes… ’ ’


She snapped her fingers, and the figure of Isaac ’s became more transparent until he completely disappeared from the garden.

The woman lazily fell down on the chair, took deep breaths, and enjoyed the calm nature.

But that was interrupted.

A black portal appeared in the garden.

The woman saw an old-looking man looking at her angrily.

’ ’Khione! ’ ’ The old man shouted.

Khione instantly stood up and saluted, ’ ’Old geezer, what do you want! ’ ’

The old man chopped her head, ’ ’Call me by my name! ’ ’

Khione clicked her tongue, ’ ’Fine… Boreas. ’ ’

Boreas nodded, ’ ’How was the young man? ’ ’

Khione clicked her tongue, ’ ’Why did I get retarded one? ’ ’

’ ’Retarded? ’ ’ Boreas looked at her strangely, ’ ’He was supposed to be a brilliant individual. ’ ’

Khione looked at him with narrowed eyes, ’ ’… Are you sure? ’ ’

Boreas nodded, ’ ’Extremely smart individual. ’ ’

Khione then went blank— she gritted her teeth, ’ ’THAT FUCKING CUNT! HE MADE FUN OF ME! ’ ’ She started stomping the flowers.

Boreas stopped her rampage, ’ ’Calm down, you are Goddess. Act like it. ’ ’

Khione gritted her teeth and stomped towards the black portal.

Boreas wiped his sweat and followed behind the angry Goddess.

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