The sky was very dark that evening. The winter night seemed like it was never going to end, although it was the end of the season already. Lalas anguish ran out of a big building running down the streets.

She had just fought with her lover and she was in pain running bare feet holding her bag and shoes in her hands like a mad person.

Suddenly, she stopped running and sat in a corner of a shop in a shadow and busted into tears with a little flashback of her mum saying ”You are such a disappointment. How could you do this to me? ” those words she recalled tore her heart into pieces.

She felt so bad that she didn notice the shadow of a silhouette closely loitering around as if it was monitoring her.

She sat there frustrated because she had nowhere to go.

With shivering hands, she managed to open her bag and grabbed out her phone crying. The shadow gradually moved closer, still, she was too focused to notice anything and Just when she was about to dial a number, a hand with black gloves came out of the dark brutally pulling her away.

”AAAHHH… ” she screamed but her mouth was covered with a hand. Her phone and all the stuff she had in her arms were scattered on the ground.

The street was empty…


A few months earlier

• • Lala Gins POV • •

The early morning sun rose a rosy hue across the sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene in New York. Also one of the most populous cities in the United States.

A few months ago, my mum and I relocated to New York City in Manhattan. Being in New York City itself was all too surreal, like a dream come true. Buildings raced each other in a quest to touch the soft blue troposphere and people littered the streets and sidewalks.

Everyone and everything was moving, but then crossing the sidewalk into the large central park was like crossing the border into another world. That is how I felt for the first few months as I got used to its beauty with time. My mum bought an apartment worth hundreds of dollars not far away from the main town.

We were standing at the door leading out of the living room, with a man at the entrance, facing us.

”This letter gives you just three months left in this apartment. ” the man warned as he handed over the white sh

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