Phone ringing…

”Hey, baby, can you pass me the phone! ” Gin said. She was laying half naked in bed. ”Yes baby, ” Mr Carlos kissed her on the forehead while passing her the phone and she immediately answered the call.

He whispered ”Im living for work ” while moving out of the room. ”Okay, I love you! ” she muttered.

”Hello, is this Mrs Gina Gin on the line? ” a strange voice asked. ”Yes its me! ” she answered. ”Im a police officer, a detective Solo and I will like you to come to the police station today! ” he said.

”Why?… Why are you disturbing my piece this early in the morning? Hmmm, okay I will be the in an hour! ” she said while rolling her eyes wearily.

”Thank you Madam! ” he immediately offed the call.

”Fuck!. To think I was planning to go to the spa this morning! ” she angrily tugged herself out of the bed.

~ ~ Present ~ ~

• • • Lalas POV • • • •

I picked the money up immediately, plugging it into my bag before she walked up to me in anger. Hopefully, she didn see it.

”Its 1 AM! You have school tomorrow and you even stink of alcohol! Shit! ” she scolded. ”Get out of my sight before I lose it! ”

I ran into my room, fearfully, and locked myself up. I climbed to my bed and poured out all the content in it.

Eagerly, I began picking up all the green notes, one after the other and counted, which made a sum of $2000.

Finally!!! I wanted to scream but I couldn , since my mom was next room. I folded the money and pressed it into my pillow. But, there was a note amongst the cash. I raised it and read.

”Sweet little girl, I enjoyed this night. And, Id love to have more. Heres my number: 8990… X-man, ”

I froze in shock. This was it. This was what I wanted. Now, I can make endless money with no limits.

I fell in bed, thinking about this success until I dozed off.

~ ~ knocks on my door ~ ~

”Its morning, Lala! Get your ass up, ” she screamed and her voice brutally snatched me off my sleep.

I pulled myself out of bed with heavy eyes. It didn feel like I slept for hours. I still felt weak and dizzy.

I quickly took a bath with my everyday routines. I put on my uniform and I walked down. She made scrambled eggs with a glass of water, meanwhile, she usually served them with tea or natural fruit juice.

I walked straight to the fridge to get some milk, but it was absent. ”Milk and fruit juice are finished?! How am I supposed to eat my eggs?. ”

”With some bread and water. Its good enough for your health. And, be thankful for this. Because Im not sure well get any tomorrow. ”

She was already set for work as she wore a red fighting gown, ending directly below her knees and very black needle-like heels.

”I thought you said you found a job, so why are we still needing it? You can ask your boss for an advance payment to refill your fridge for crying out loud. ”

”Don be foolish! Thats not how it works. I barely made 24hours of work and you expect him to offer an advance payment? For what job exactly? And, watch your tongue when talking to me. Im your mother. Remember that. ” she made hold of her back searching for her car keys.

”And, hurry. I have to drop you off, before going to work. I have no money to give you. ”

”Sorry about that. Luckily, I saved some money, ” I whispered to myself.



The day dawned crisp and cleared Mr Carson, was seated in his compound by the big swimming pole, having breakfast with his two kids, while a maid stood at the table to serve them.

His house was a magnificent modern Castle, made up of glass and marble. It had a beautiful garden, large enough for a greenhouse. The smell of flowers aired the whole place and they didn need perfumes as long as they lived there.

There was also an extravaganza of space for car packing. An open garage that could fill up to twenty cars.

It could be named after a presidency just by a single look of it. Money spoke with everything it had, right up to the poolside, which was a natural river flowing in streams all around the garden.

”Kevin, how is your first week, at school? ” he asked and Kevin swallowed the food in his mouth, rapidly to answer. ”Not bad. ”

”I hope you behave yourself in this new school. I don want silly complaints about you, from anyone this year… ”

”Dad… ” ”Stop being hard on him. ” his sibling says,

”I have to. If not he might still mess around. I need both of you to focus on your studies. So, someone can take good care of my business once I am no more. ”

”You don have to worry about us or the company. ”

”Kendra, I don worry about you, because you always make me proud. Im worried about your brother. I hope this school changes him. ” he bits his bread, recklessly with his stare fixed on Kevin.

Kevin contained his anger but didn say a word. He was helplessly hitting his fork on his plate. His sister, Kendra, nudged his hand to stop the unpleasant noise he was generating.

”What about you, Kendra? How was your first day at school? ”

”It was fine, dad. ”

”Im pleased to hear that. Please, watch over your elder brother at school. ”

”Im not a kid for crying out loud! The fact that my kid sister is in the same class as me, doesn give you the right to humiliate me all the time, with this! Stop reminding me of my failures! ” Kevin stood up and left.

”I want you to be a man! Come back here! ” his dad screamed, but he didn stop walking away.

”Dad, hes right. You
e being too hard on him. ” she stood as well, walking to her father and he placed her on his lap.

”I have to be this hard so that what happened last year shouldn repeat itself. ” he perks her on the forehead. ”Now, lets leave. ”

He drove them to school, parking his car just ahead of Ginas.

I watch mum stepping down from her car, which is something she never does. She always stays in. She moved to the car ahead and I stepped down after her.

My eyes caught a rich girl stepping down another car. Just by the word, she was expensive and fashionable.

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