”What a day, ” she murmured, moving to her room as soon as I left.

My mum was in her late thirties, though she appeared younger. She was of the average height, with a sexy-close-to normal body structure. Her hefty breast and ass gave her a figure eight, which made her the perfect black woman she was. Her beauty was more captivating than pretty.

Inside her room, she rapidly took off her clothes, strolling to another section of it. And as usual, she spent hours in the washbasin filled with her cosmetic products, which she always called, ”A womans body, her wealth. ”

I had never understood this statement.

She applied very expensively lubes on her skin, after that and wore a sexy fitting gown, that exposed her heavenly figure.

Sitting on a chair in the mirror, she dailed a number through her phone, while glaring at her reflection in the mirror, waiting for a response from the receivers ID.

”Hello, Gina! ” a deep voice sounded on the line.

”Marcus, why don I have access to my late husbands wealth? You needed to empty all his foreign accounts as prevailed. Why is it taking so long? Its close to a year, now and you
e saying nothing about it. ” she shrieked.

”Gina, I understand your frustration. ” Marcus tried to comfort her.

”You have no idea of what Im leaving right now, Marcus. Ill soon be expelled out of my house if I don complete the payment. And, you know I have no money. Im broke as f*ck. You must do something! ” she raised her voice in frustration.

”I warned you to buy a cheaper settlement for the time being, but you proudly declined it, taking that very expensive one, instead. Youve got yourself to blame to have minded the flamboyant lifestyle you
e living in. ” He said, which was nothing but the truth. My mum was very impatient.

”Why should I, when I always have everything planned. More to this; God said, worry not, because tomorrow shall take care of itself. Who am I to go against the almightys word. ” she grinned maliciously.

Then she frowned, suddenly. ”Marcus, this isn the time for blame. Im losing patients. Make things work and fast. My life depends on that money. Ive stained my hands enough. Not anymore. ” her words faded away and he became regretful.

”All I want is a peaceful life and only that fortune can serve me, ” she added with so much remorse in her tone.

”Trust me, Gina, you won have to do it again. Im working on it! ” Marcus reassured.

She nodded. ”I do, trust you. But, just don fail me this time. ” with that being said, she hanged up.

”Shit! ” she slammed her hand on the table.

After a few seconds of thinking, she did some make-up with very expensive foundations.

And, sprayed about three different kinds of luxurious perfumes on her body, to smell expensive as always.

”Now, Im ready to face my day, ” she murmured, grabbing her bag and heels.

She walked out, to her big Benz car worth ninety thousand dollars and drove to town.

She heard of a very wealthy businessman, who recently transferred to manhattan at Broadway not too far from Brooklyn, where she was living. So, she wanted to see what he looks like and if he had any job vacancies for her.

She also heard that he makes his wealth out of the real estate. His company has houses in more than ten states in America. These were the ones that could be counted since they were not known by the public.

She stopped at the company and unfortunately there wasn any job vacancy as the boss wasn around. And, she also didn have the opportunity to see what he looks like.

She was more than disappointed for wasting her time to come there when the receptionist was nothing but rude to let her get into the building.

She had to drive back home, which she did. On her way to the house, her vehicle had a breakdown in the middle of the road.

”What an embarrassment! ” she hit her face in dismay, rapidly stepping down from the car and running ahead to check what was upset.

A hot vapour of fuming gasoline thrashed her face as soon as she opened the front boot.

”Shit! ” she cursed, taking more than a step back and knocking someones chest.

Her eyes bulged out and confusion dawned over her as she turned to check who it could be in the middle of nowhere.

”Sorry, Mrs Can I help you? ” a very sexy, demanding and deep voice just as he looked caught all of her attention.

Since she was very depressed to think about anything else, her anxieties took the lead. ”Sure! ” was her reckless resort.

The man looked in his early forties, wearing an expensive suit and his watch was the latest Rolex worth twenty thousand dollars of the time.

”Only a very wealthy man can put this on. ” she imagined.

Gin couldn help but scan the man as she was a woman very sensitive to money.

The man opened the front boot of the car ”Oh! ” he exclaimed as the hot vapour that surprised Gins face, stroked his.

”There is nothing we can do for it, ” he said.

While Gins mind went wild ”Once more, I have to dirty my hands. ” she cried to herself.

Cars blaring severely …

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