”Once more I have to dirty my hands! ”

~ ~ Car blaring severely ~ ~

”Get out of the way! ”

”Park off! ”

”Bitch, take that crap out of them away! ”

The Crowd yelled while others managed to escape through her car was causing a lot of traffic.

”OMG… What am I going to do now? My mechanic is out of town with his team. ” my mom cried and the man felt sorry for her.

”Sorry about that. I can help with mine. Id just call him to come and pick up your car if this is okay with you. ” he said.

”Sure! I need some help, now. ” She hurriedly closed everything and rushed back to him ”Thank you so much! ”

”Where were you heading to? ” he asked while showing her the way to his car, which was well stationed by the roadside.

A luxurious car, approximately twice the price of Ginas.

”Wow! ” she exclaimed in her thoughts, without showing any signs of enthusiasm but grief.

He opened the door for her and they got in.

He opened the door for her and they got in.

”I was heading home, ” she answered. ”Where is home? ” he asked.

”At Brooklyn ” she answered with a dismal glance on.

”Oh, I see. May I know what borough a beautiful woman like you to Broadway? ” he flirted.

”To see a new businessman, who relocated to broadway with some of his effective, in search for a job. Unfortunately, all this was in vain! ” she replies.

”A Job? You don look like a woman who needs a job, ” he said.

”You can say that, again. Unfortunately, this life is arduous and I have so many bills to pay. ” she puffed.

”Sad reality. ” he nodded, simply.

”What else have you heard about that new businessman? ” he got curious.

”Not much. Nothing out of the ordinary. ” she slightly stroked her shoulder.

”Like? ” he persisted.

”That, hes very rich. This, I already said. Hes influential, though not too famous, like most wealthy men of his rank. I also heard that he has kids and more importantly, hes single. ” mum barely grinned and the man smiled, too.

”His name…I don know. But, Im intrigued. ” she ends…

”Interesting. ” the man nodded his head with his face fixed on the windscreen.

”Talking about names, I just remember that we haven properly induced ourselves! ” he notifies.

”Haha, thats true! ”

”Im Kahn Carson Smith. ” he started.

”Gina Gin. ” mum said.

”Wow. Gina Gin is a nice name. And, nice to meet you. ”

”My pleasure. ” mum responded.



I arrived at school, in a sexy school uniform; a blue short flouring skirt, with a fitting white top. Whereas all students had shirts and blue jackets.

My tie was in my bag, while other students had theirs on. I didn put it, because I feared it won match my shoes

Being one of the Elite in school, I had to keep the bar high. I could describe myself as a calm, though very crazy-ass bitch who could be very kind and mean when needed be.

”I broke up with my Ex-boyfriend at the end of year party. I found out that he was cheating on me and this shattered my heart. I gave up on love. I don want to go through that, again. I will never love any man in my life, never. ”

”I don know if there is something more despising than school, jeez! ” I walked down the cab, moving toward my best friend.

”Chill girl, don be too dramatic! ” Rebecca said, moving towards me as we met halfway.

”It is just the first week of school. Who knows? Perhaps this year might be fun. ” Rebecca pulled me into the building.

”Whatever. I hate school! ”

Rebecca rolls her eyes. ”I heard, this year there are lots of charming newbies. What controls me more is a certain Kevin. Hes damn cute and his body…is hell. You should see him. ” she fantasied.

”I also heard that hes from a wealthy family. ” she was all excited.

”I don care about who he is or who his family is. I have greater worries. ” I said.

Yet she tried to persuade me until I said this. ”We
e bankrupt. ”

I hoped she understood my mood.

”You ain serious! ” She broadened her eyes in shock.

”You heard me clean and clear. And, thats why Im not in the mood. ” I walked away.

”Since when? ” she followed, behind closely.

”I just discovered it this morning ” I took in a heavy breath.

”Sorry about this and welcome to the club. ” Rebecca ends up making fun of it.

”Why can you take something seriously for once? We are bankrupted and all you find to do is to make fun of me? ” I frown at her immature brain.

”Ain kidding when I said, welcome to the club. My family got bankrupt many years back. So, that makes two of us. ” she added with a very serious air.

”But… I—I thought your family was rich. I used to envy you. ” I fake a cry with a stunning grain on my face.

”How do you get all this expensive jewellery—I mean, that you have? ” I couldn believe my ears.

”Hahahaha. I know everyone thinks Im rich and Im okay with that. I can reveal my shit to the world. ” she retorted sarcastically.

”How do you do this? Girl, you have to teach me what you do. I need to stay in the lid. ” I get excited.

”I understand, its not easy to get rich and suddenly, you ain anymore. This is a fall from Grace. I know how it feels. But don ask me what I do if you aren ready to do everything I do. I mean everything to keep this standard of living. ”

Rebecca stopped and whispered into my eyes something that freaked me up.

”Like Seriously? You are scaring me. ” I said.

”Yeah, I mean my word. When you feel ready, let me know. I will tell you what I do and how I do it. But for now, I won tell you anything. ” she said.

”This is scary, right now. Are you a drug dealer? Oh, no! You sell human organs! ” I tried to anticipate while teasing her at the same time.

”Lol, something of that sort. ” she pulled my leg as we took our books out of our locker.

~ ~ The bell rings and students go to class ~ ~

We all sat in class.

”Just take a look at him. Words can describe such beauty. ”

Rebecca whispers into my ears snatching me from my thoughts. She has been staring at him since we got to class.

I turned, following her gaze, which was still on Kevin. He was quietly seated, busily flipping pages of a book with an unreadable expression on his face. And, lastly, he was cute as described by Rebecca.

Unexpectedly, Kiven lifted his gaze and it got stuck at mine. I quickly switched my face to the board, while Rebecca stared at his soft eyes.

He stared at her weirdly, returning his attention to his book…

”You better stop doing that. Hes frightened by those eyes of yours. ” I signalled.

”Hes cute, right? Confess! ” she persuaded, trying to force words out of my mouth.

”I don care, Rebecca. How will I tell you this? I have greater issues to deal with at the moment. ” I hit my hands on my face, leaning in to savour the pain.

To be continued…

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