”So, I guess you know all necessities. If you need anything, meet me at my office, ” he said and she nodded before he walked away.

Later that day, the mechanic came back with the car repaired and dropped the key at the reception, which was later sent to his secretary, my dear mum, Miss Gina Gin.

She rushed into his office as soon as she was given the keys.

”Im very grateful for what you did. I was told you paid the bills. I don know how to thank you for this. ”

”Its fine, Im happy to see you happy, ” he said, winking and she blushed. ”Thank you, again. ” she turned around to step out of his office.

”Ill love to take you on a date. ” his voice hit her drums, and she froze already very close to the door. She smiled with satisfaction and faced him, with a questioning glare ”What? ”. He smirked, repeating. ”I said, I want to take you on a date. Maybe dinner tonight? ” She goes out of the earth for a second and returns with a response. ”I will think about it. ”

She disappears immediately before he adds more fire to her pounding heart.

”Shit. ” Carson leaned back on his chair, totally addled. He expected her to say yes immediately he asked as it was obvious that the current between them was trickling.

~ ~ ~ ~~

After school, Kevin and I came to class for detention. The class was empty. Just two of us were inside and we calmly waited for Mr Kindall or whosoever was in charge of supervision. We were seated at two extreme ends of the class, not looking at each other.

Meanwhile, Rebecca went to Mr Kendalls office as prevailed.

Kendall barges into his office to find Rebecca comfortably seated on his desk with her legs crossed on the table.

He rapidly closed the door behind him, yelling in a low tone. ”Are you crazy?! What if it wasn me? ”

”Chill, I knew you were coming, ” she replied, remaining seated, while he moved to his side of his desk and he rested his bag, taking a seat at once.

”Where is the work you asked me to collect? ” Rebecca teases.

”Don be silly. You know there is nothing. ” he retorted, dismissively.

”So, why am I doing here? ” she folded her arms with her eyes fixed on him.

”I miss you, Rebecca. I miss our crazy times, together. I tried so hard, but I can get you out of my head. ” he said, gently.

”Yea, indeed. Until I discovered, that you are married with two kids, I was tortured from that moment. I still can forgive myself. ” She took her legs off the table and sat up properly.

”Its not a big deal. I can deal with it. More to that, my wife and I aren on good terms. ” he said as if it made any difference.

”She doesn know how to take care of me as you do. You are special. ” he stood up and walked to her, seating herself on the desk.

He touched her cheek. ”I wish, I had met you earlier, ” he adds walking down with his hands to her breast.

She flinches. ”Every married mans crap. Sorry, Im not into this shit, anymore. I still haven forgiven myself, can you get that into your head?! ”. ”What are you doing here, then? Why did you come? ” he boldly asked.

”To tell you, this is over. I have deleted your number and If I spent the whole summer holidays without texting you, it is because Ive moved on. ” she stood up from her chair, but before she could finish talking, he grabbed her by the waist and he plugged his mouth on hers, kissing her angrily.

Slowly, he turned her around and lifted her to a seat at his table.

He raised her skirt to meet her soaked panty and pressed his fingers on it, slightly caressing her core with her panty still on.

He shifted her undies to the side and plugged a finger in.

Rebecca, gasped heavily as her hands were in this mood for a very long time. One could sense the heavy desire in her.

”Its fine, I won go against your will. ” He parted off her, wiping her juice from his finger with his tongue, licking it.

He moved to the door and opened it widely. ”You can leave. ”

Rebecca wasn herself, anymore. She was aroused like a crazy hoe, but she could read his game.

”You will pay me for this. ” she walked out.

And, he smiled mischievously, closing the door with so much satisfaction. He knew she still desired him as much as he did.

After spending about thirty minutes in detention, Kevin told himself,

”Why not try to start a conversation. Shes cute and shes the only girl who hasn given a ** about my popularity in this school. ”

He carried his kinds of stuff towards her. ”Hey, Im Kevin and you are? ”

I gave him a weird look and said, ”I didn ask you, ” I kept my stare on my book without looking at him.

In normal circumstances, I would have been happy that the cutest guy had approached me, but at that moment everything was different. It seems like all those things didn matter, anymore. I felt like I had greater problems than following the first cute guy.

”You guys can leave now. ” Mr Kendall interrupted when Kevin was about to say something else. So, he gave up and packed his things to leave.

”Im Lala… Lala Gin. ” I responded impulsively while moving out.

Kevin smiled and licked his lower lips, while packing up real quick, hoping to catch me. But I was far gone when he stepped out.

”Interesting. ” he thought to himself.

”Rebecca! ” I paused, after seeing my friend out of school, when we were about to separate to our various homes.

”I think, Im ready, ” I said.

”Are you sure about this? Think well. There will be no turning back and I don want you to regret this later on. ” she warned

”Im determined. I need money… Real quick. ” I responded, firmly.

”Everyone needs money, Lala. Hope you understand, that this is different. ”

She sighed, tapping my shoulder. ”Anyway, go home and get well rest. I will come to your house by eight to pick you up. Make sure you look sexy. ” she pinpointed her last statement.

”Sure thing. ” I pecked her on the cheek and took a cab home, afterwards.

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