At home,

”Lala, how was your day at school? ” My mom welcomed me from the kitchen when I barged in. ”It wasn bad, though not very good, ” I responded. ”Sorry about that. ” she walked out of the kitchen and gave me a perk on the jaw. ”You will be fine, trust me. ”

”From the look on your face, Im guessing you had a nice day? ” I said, falling on the couch. ”Does it show that much? ” she blushed as it was hard for her to hide something from me.

”Yes, ” I nodded, seriously staring at her. I knew she was dying to tell me something, which I was certainly not eager to hear.

”About that, yes, my day was great! You can imagine what happened to me. I went to… I meant, I found a job. A very good one on top of that. ” she narrated a short story from when she left the house to the office, then to her car that had a breakdown in the middle of nowhere blah blah…

”Perfect! Im happy you got one. You have no idea, the weight that just left me. ” I sarcastically retorted.

”But—have you found a solution for the house? ” I urged as it still wasn solving the problem.

”Not yet, girl. Im working on it. All I want from you is to concentrate on your studies. ” she sat close to me ”You have the opportunity I never had, so make good use of it. ”

”My mum was very broke that she barely afforded us a meal per day. So, being where I am now, took me a lot of things to do. A lot of things, I don wish you to go through. Please be a good girl for mum, and your future. ” she fixes me with her query stare.

Her words broke me to pieces and made me feel very uncomfortable.

”Mum you keep telling me the same story, over and over again. Ive heard you. I promise to be a good girl like I have always been. Don you trust me? ” I asked.

”I trust you. And, proud of you. Because, when you finish your studies youd get a decent job and a good family. But, don mess around as others of your age do. Be smarter. And, I promise you, that Ill always afford your needs. ” she clenched my hands in hers.

I hated when she gave me so much advice all the time. ”Thanks, mom, ” I said, to cut everything short.

I got up from the couch ”I have a party with my friends, tonight by 8:00 PM and Rebecca will be picking me up. ” I announced, walking into my room to avoid another series of lectures from her.

”Alright. Just behave yourself. No sex, no alcohol! ” she screamed, watching me leave as if shed ever find out when Im sleeping with a guy.

”Sure, ” I responded and closed my door.

”Gush, Rebecca, ” I murmured her name as I fell flat in bed and slept a little, before getting prepared for the evening.

While mum cooked a rapid dinner, the notification alert from my phone awakened me to a call from Rebecca.

I stretched my hand and answered, ”Hello, ”

”I will be there in a short while. Please, look sexy and pretty, ” she said. ”Of course, Im always sexy and pretty. ” I retorted with a sleepy voice.

”Check your ass girl, get ready! ” she said, lastly. ”Okay, bye. See you soon! ” I turned it off and hurried to the bathroom.

After a long enough bath, I put on a short, stripeless white gown, with red heels and applied some lipgloss.

~ ~ Bell ringing! ~ ~

Mum ran down to get to the door. ”Rebecca, ” she smiled, staring at her daughters friend and said. ”Get in. ”

She moved ahead for the young lady to feel at home, meanwhile, Rebecca had no plans even for a second of delay.

”Its good you came on time for dinner. Take a seat. ”. ”Thank you Ms Gina, but I don feel hungry, ” she said. ”I insist. ” my mom replied and moved to my room.

”Dinner is ready, youngster and Rebecca are waiting for you, downstairs. You must eat, before leaving. Not negotiable! ” she said, then walked out.

I later meet them in the pitch and we sat in the dining in the kitchen. Mum dished out the food.

”Rebecca, where is this place yall are heading to? ” My mom interrogated me as she took a seat by us.

”For a con— ” Rebecca tried to speak, but I cut her off, immediately. ”to a party mum, I told you this already. ” I frowned.

”Yes, for a party! ” Rebecca repeated after me.

”I see… I hope you two behave yourselves. ” Mum said and added, ”I will drop both of you. ”

”No! ” we answered spontaneously. ”Mum…its fine. We can go by ourselves. We
e not—kids. ” I faked a smile in her direction.

She looked a little perplexed, before responding. ”If you insist. ”

After taking a few bits, I said, ”Mum, we
e running late. We need to leave, to return in time. ”

I hurried out of my chair and I pulled Rebecca from hers.

”Okay, take care of yourself! ” she said, while we walked out to face our destination. I couldn wait anymore. I was eager to see where Rebecca was taking me to.

”Where are we going? ” I asked. ”Calm down, you will see when we arrive, okay. I won tell you anything for now so you chill. ”

We stepped into a big black car, which was waiting for Rebecca in front of the house. ”You
e getting me agitated. ” ”You don have to, you know. ”

e right. Who does this special car belong to? Seems they are not from your parents? ” I asked. ”Haha! ” she laughed.

We drove off and a few minutes later, we stopped in front of a big building found in a neighbourhood, which was very quiet and peaceful.

”Where are we, Rebecca? ” I panicked.

”Calm down. I ain selling you for any money rituals. You told me you were ready to behave. I won be there always to nurse your **en ass. ” she mocked.

”This place is freaking awesome, ” I said. She walked ahead with a smile ”Follow me. ”

We walked into the bar and I caught my breath. OMG, Id never been in a place that made me feel so small–and plain.

Crystal chandeliers of coloured light spiralled down from the arching sky-blue ceiling, illuminating the glimmering white on the walls and a floor so polished. It looked like an iced-over lake.

The place was expensive, and the men looked very responsible and rich, but only the very young girls of our age were filled in the hall. It was all luxury…

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