It was all luxury and we had masks on our faces.

I could barely count the number of 30 years old looking ladies, but the men looked old with with bears. Perhaps the 30years old or younger were the ones with full masks that cover their entire face. From the outside, one couldn imagine the beauty of this place.

”Ta, da! Here we are! Lets have a seat. ” we sat on tall counter chairs. ”And, do what exactly? ”

”I thought, I cleared everything up. You aren a virgin anymore and now you will use what you have to get what you want. ”

”Quit the jokes, Rebecca. ”

”I warned you, nothing good comes easy baby. ” ”Two shots of a triple black whiskey, 18yrs, ” she orders. ”ok miss ” The waiter turned to his shelf, and in less than some minutes, he returned with the shots.

Rebecca drank hers in one gulp, meanwhile, I was still hesitating.

”Try. It won kill you. ” ”You know I have never taken alcohol, so I have no idea of its impact on me. ”

”There is a beginning to everything. Just take it. ” she forces it into my mouth and I struggle to take a few sips, before pushing her hand away.

”How do you manage to take this thing? ” She laughed at me and stood up, whispering into the waiters ears, ”Two alcoholic cocktails. ”

She sat back.

”Don bother he will serve us something sweet. I guess you won have any problems with this one. ” she smiled. ”Ive only slept with Nick and this was since last year. Im not that experience, you know it… ” I stopped my speech.

Two old men in their 40s approached us. They looked strong and sexy for their age, with a few white hairs on their chins. Their stomach seizure was quite…normal.

Fuck! I was feeling very uncomfortable and frightened.

”Hey, baby ” Natasha greeted the man with the blue tight-fitting suit. ”This was the friend I told you about, Lala. ” Rebecca pushed me in front like merchandise. It was so embarrassing.

”I hope you told her the rules of the game. Anything which happens here stays. ” ”Sure, ” She faked a smile. ”My friend, who is new in town, definitely needs a hot looking sugar baby as your friend. ” he grinned mischievously.

”Ladies your cocktails are ready! ” the waiter called and I ran back and drank mine in a gulp because I needed something to give me courage.

The men walked ahead, and she took my hands to follow them, but I flinched. ”I—I don think I can do this. ” ”A night with a sweet lady like you is worth $1000 and you might get more if hes well satisfied. ”

She stares deep into my eyes. ”You don want to miss this, do you? ”

The proposal was hell tricky. Something I won stand out, under any circumstance, but sleeping with men old enough to be my dad, was more then a nightmare.

”Lala, don be childish. You need this, after all. You don have soup in-between your legs, so don worry, it won get finished. Do you have a counter? No one will know. Now, follow me. ” She pulled me with her, and before I could realise, we were standing by the men.

They looked richly neat, and responsible that I felt stupid for wasting their time with stupid worries and fear. I took a seat next to the other man.

”Good girl, ” Rebecca whispered to my ears, before moving towards her man. She sat on his labs and I was awed by her courage. I could barely look at the man in his eyes and even started regretting it.

Maybe, I spoke too fast. Maybe, I wasn ready as I claimed to be.

We were served another cocktail. ”No, no more cocktail for me. I need something strong. ” she shifted her glass to me.

I drank mine and hers in a gulp, to calm myself down. I placed the glasses on the tray, and he left with it.

”Hey, you need to take a deep breath. Be relaxed. ” she reminded.

After a few minutes, I felt dizzy and my vision became blurry. I turned and saw her seated close to me ”What did you put in my drink? ”

”Just a few stains of whiskey. ” she smiled.

”Shit! I told you, I—I don want alcohol. How could you? ”

”Don make a fuss out of it. Just a little something to boost your ass up ” she said as if it was a joke.

I was mad at her, but I felt tipsy at the same time.

”I need to leave. My mom must be worried. ” I stood up, trying to find my way out.

”She won worry. Common, lets dance. ” she stood as well, and pulled me to the dance floor. ”You
e too stiff. Break some bones a little. ” she shook my shoulders. ”Another cocktail, please. ” she waved to the waiter and he came with a glass, immediately.

”Take this. Trust me, it will help. ” she forced it into my mouth

e a bad influence, you know that? ” I said in a tipsy voice, ceasing the glass from her hand.

I siped and drank all of it. She ordered for more and I kept taking until the fifth glass. I was contrary to what I thought. I resisted long enough.

Though my visions became blur and my steps, unstable. My dance was so embarrassing as I moved crazily, rubbing my ass on Rebecca who was also drunkened as me.

We caressed ourselves, and walked to the men, who were seriously looking at us. We danced in front of them and they loved it, since they couldn take their eyes off, even for a second. They smiled and whispered into each other ears.

I was conscious, yet I had no control over my actions or emotions. I was needy and anxious. Like the alcohol had revived my darkest and nastiest side.

Rebecca twerked on me, but her gaze was fixed on the man she liked. She turned around and unexpectedly tweaked her lips on mine. My eyes elasticized as she started kissing me. I wasn expecting, yet I let her.

The man she liked, pulled her off me.

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