The man she liked, pulled her off me.

He placed her on his lap and she continued dancing against him, while I stood there frustratedly. The other man moved to me and gave me a seat. ”Don be scared, I won bite. ”

”Whats your name? ” he tries to make a conversion.

”Lets do what you want and stop acting as if you care because we all know you don , ” I spoke faster than I could breathe.

”Hey, calm down. I do care. And, like you, its my first time in such places. So, I will like us to do a thing together. Though I must admit, you are very pretty. You make me think of a very smart woman, I met this morning. ” he grinned as he spoke.

”A woman? ”

”Nevermind. Whats your name princess. ”

”Lala, ”

”Nice name. Unfortunately, Lala, you aren supposed to say our real names. So, you can call me by X-man. ”

”X-man? Are you kidding me? ” I smiled at his choice of words.

He seemed nice, unlike the other men, who weren . The only difference was his age. But, seriously with his charming smile and the alcohol, it was nothing at the moment.

We spoke a lot and he made me laugh for hours.

”Goodbye, folks. ” Rebecca and her man stood up.

She ran to me ”I will come back to pick you up at 11 PM on the dot. ” and left with the man, who was practically pulling her away from me.

”Its noisy here. Can we move out? ”

”Of course. ” I stood and stumbled. He supported me in his arms.

”Thank you, ” I whispered.

He held me as we moved out, and into a lifter.

It took us to a few floors, stopping after a while and we moved out, into a spacious room.

He rested me in bed and sat by, observing me passionately, with lust in his gaze.

Slowly, he shifted towards me and I fell flat, waiting for him to cage me in his arms.

My reaction marvelled at him. And, I simply fixed my gaze on his cute moulded face.

He leaned in slowly and kissed me. His tongue slid into my mouth, and I felt like a baby receiving breast milk.

His tongue was powerful as it played with mine in ways that no one could imagine. It tried to wrap itself around mine as he kissed me deeper and deeper, and my heart started pounding.

Suddenly, he stopped kissing, yet my heart was still pounding. I was laying there impatiently to see what he was going to do next.

He moved away and stripped off my robe. He took off his suit, then his tie, and lastly every other thing he had on.

His d*ck was hard and thick compared to that of my ex-boyfriend, which was normal due to the age difference, but I couldn stop panicking.

My ex-boyfriend was my first, and as far as I can remember, it was a pleasure in hell. What more of this monster, I couldn take my eyes off?

My panties stayed on, so he hovered over me, and brought his hand inside.

My hand felt the warmth of my core. It was deep, warm, and soaked. His fingers were sinking inside of me…

He mounted on me, due to the slow pace tease and used his hand to slip his dick in my pussy.

I did it myself, but trust me it was painful as hell. My mouth gasped as it sank further. I held his shoulder tight, digging my nails into his tanned skin.

My lips found themselves in-between my fangs and I stared into his shocked eyes. His brows were folded as he helped me settle all of it in me.

I pushed him to lay in bed, and he groaned, clenching my waist on both sides. And, slowly I started rotating my hips. While my hands caressed his chest and abs.

I looked like a soft, gigantic mushroom that had silently poked its face up through the dead leaves on the ground and opened only under the sheltering wings of the night.

My core felt thick, swallowing up all his cock. It gulped him, to draw it in and pressed him out. It became more exciting when his erection grew larger.

I was about to explode. It was the strangest sensation ever. Something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. I felt like something inside me, something special, was slowly working its way out.

My pace multiplied. He moved up his head and I took up mine; my breast galloping along with me as they were sizable enough.

He smiled as he watched them shake effortlessly, before squeezing them.

He sat up with me, still on him and sucked my nipples, while I rod. Unexpected pulses began to flow through my body.

”Fuck! ” he cursed, pressing my thighs unto him until I had an orgasm.

Then, I fell my head on his shoulder and his, against the headbed panting the hell out of ourselves.

Suddenly, I felt so heavy, that I slept off on him.

A few minutes later.

knock, knock

I opened my eyes sluggishly, humming in the process and looked over at the door dizzily.

The door sounded, again and had no choice but ran to it.

”Dress up. We need to leave, now. ” Rebecca said as soon as I opened it.

I hurried up and did as ordered, before she pulled me out, wiping my face. ”Hope you had fun. ” she teased as we walked out to the black car.

Seriously, I don know if I did. I felt weak and sleepy. I barely rested.

I was quiet all through the drive, though he didn pay me. But it was the least of my problems at the moment. I just hoped my mom didn suspect anything after that night.

We drove and the car left me home.

When I walked in, my mum was waiting for me.

”You are late! Check your watch and tell me the time! ” she yelled.

As I tried to take the phone out of my bag, a pile of money fell on the ground in her presence. I cursed inwardly.

I wasn expecting to see so much money in my bag.

It was him. The X-man.

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