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The engagement proceeded as fast as ink drying.

However, considering the honor of both noble families, the traditions couldn't be omitted; hence an agreement was made in which the wedding would be held at the Winterfell estate after a simple engagement ceremony in the capital.

On the third day, after completing all kinds of trivial procedures, an outdoor party was finally held to celebrate the union of the two families.

The venue was hosted and sponsored by Balazit.

Nadia had to get up at dawn to prepare herself with a beautiful dress to welcome her soon-to-be husband.

Looking at Nadia, who dressed up splendidly, the nobles whispered in a low volume.

“Do you know? They say winter in the March of Winterfell lasts almost half a year.
I couldn't imagine how people could live on such a land.”

(*March is land or territory that belongs to a Marquis)

“Let alone the land, even though the Marquis of Winterfell has a gorgeous face, she won't benefit by marrying him.”

“I guess so.
So, why did she want to marry into the Winterfell family…”

Even after the rushed engagement ceremony, people's mouths didn't cease to talk about it.

She tried not to listen to what they said, but somehow their voices still vividly reached her ears.

However, Nadia chose to ignore them.

To put it more precisely, it would only be right to say that she didn't have time to bother about them.

'I'm a woman who's in love now….
A woman who is crazy in love… I'm just a woman who doesn't know what to do anymore because I'm happy to marry the man I love….'

(ReineFleurs Translations)

A woman crazy enough to confess publicly to a man.

That was what Nadia Balazit was known for now.

Therefore, in a place where there were a lot of eyes, she had no choice but to play the immature woman who had achieved her love.

Nadia glanced at the entrance of the party venue like she was nervous and excited.

Anyone who saw her would take her as a woman who was waiting anxiously for her fiance's arrival.

Conservative nobles even clicked their tongues when they saw her.

The Duke of Balazit approached Nadia, who was so absorbed in acting.



“You came early, Father.”

“This is a party I'm hosting, so sit properly.
You look more excited than him.
You look like you're craving Winterfell's love to death.
Your marriage has already been determined.”

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He, too, was one of the conservative old aristocrats.

No matter if her excuse to behave like this was due to her marriage being pushed ahead, wouldn't it be natural if he didn't want his daughter to behave disgracefully?

Nadia thought for a while and picked an answer that would suit her father's taste.

“I confessed in front of His Majesty.”


“If I suddenly change my attitude just because I have achieved my purpose, I will be disgracing His Majesty.
It wouldn't be good if people talk about our family's loyalty.”

(ReineFleurs Translations)

“Hmm… Well, you may continue.”

(ReineFleurs Translations)

Convinced, Duke Balazit nodded.

At that moment.

Nadia could sense people buzzing at the entrance of the party venue.

As soon as she turned her head, the well-dressed Glenn was walking through the guests in the venue.

Nadia moved her facial muscles to show a big smile.

“Marquis Winterfell!”

Then, Nadia approached him, almost running.

It was an outstanding performance that surprised even Duke Balazit himself, who knew the actual situation.

'She really didn't fall for him, did she? I wouldn't even know if she fell for him for real with only one glance.'

Nadia, who ran with a bright expression, was the representation of a woman in love itself.

Not to mention the reaction of others, as even the Duke was confused for a moment.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

“I remember her being a quiet and calm lady, but I guess people change drastically when they fall in love.”

“Don't people say that a nice and calm cat tends to be the one ruining your kitchen?”

“But still, tsk tsk.”

Elegance and calmness were the essential virtues that aristocratic society imposed on women.

Let alone laughing without even thinking about restraining her feelings as Nadia did.

It was never a common sight in a conservative aristocratic society.

Not caring whether people kick their tongues at them or not, Nadia continued to talk with a smile.


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“I've been waiting for you.
I wanted to enter the ball with you.”


Glenn looked down at her with a stiff face.

Because she welcomed him with such a happy face, he almost thought she mistook him for someone close to her.

He wondered if she had a childhood encounter with him that he didn't remember.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

'This woman is the daughter of Balazit, and Balazit is Winterfell's enemy.'

How could she act so naturally even though she knew what your father and the Winterfell family were like?

The ones related to the Duke Balazit were all shady, after all.

“I should have contacted you in advance that I was going to be late.
I'm sorry if I kept you waiting long.”

Actually, Glenn came late on purpose.

Whether she knew his intention or not, Nadia only made a happy face.

“What do you mean you made me wait for too long? You arrived on time.
It happens to be dance time.”

Is that so?”

“Well, let's go over there.”

Nadia headed to the center with a stiff Glenn and held his arm.

He didn't seem to like it, but he followed her anyway.
He appeared to be conscious of the eyes around him.

As the main characters of today's party stepped up, people silently opened the way.

Thanks to that, the two were able to settle in the center of the party quickly.

Nadia thought as she started following the music.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

'Oh, this isn't too hard.'

She had been smiling for an hour.

Her facial muscles were slowly starting to strain as the corners of her mouth were raised to the fullest.

Still, she had to laugh.

She was a woman who got to dance passionately with a man she loved, so she couldn't make a sour face.

Nadia forced a bright expression on her face.

On the other hand, Glenn's reluctant expression was shaking.

As her gaze toward her deepened, he could feel his face gradually rotting.

“What are you thinking?”


Nadia wasn't a fool who didn't understand what he was asking.

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That her reason to confess was a complete fraud.

As she had well expected to be questioned if the two of them were stuck together, she replied brazenly.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

“I think you are more handsome up close.”

Not that.”

“Then, about how spending time with Len is like a dream?”



She could see his chin was getting tense.

Glenn couldn't believe that she called him with the nickname that only his closest one knew.

Even though she did it to cease his anger, there was another reason why Nadia used his nickname on purpose.

'If I do this, we can change the topic about his nickname.'

Sure enough, his reaction was exactly what she intended.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

“I think you and I still have a long way until we could call each other by nicknames.”

“But we're going to be a family soon…”

“Marquis Winterfell.
Or just my name.
Use either.”

“Then I'll call you Glenn.”

Despite her attitude, Nadia smiled like a girl excited about her first love.

Then she rolled his name in her mouth like a person who didn't know what to do because she was too excited.




Nadia could feel him looking down at her with a dumbfounded look, but she didn't care.

If she were discouraged by such a gaze, she wouldn't have been able to stand in front of the King that day.

The music stopped not long after entering the middle of the piece.

When the song changes, the partner must also change.

Nadia stepped away from Glenn with a very disappointed look.

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(RreineFleurs Translations)

“See you soon, Glenn.”


She didn't have to force herself to laugh when she danced with someone else.

Nadia turned away to rest her facial muscles.
However, her new dance partner is….

“Oh my, Sir Jiho? When did you come?”

It was Lee Jiho, the black-haired outlander who came from another world.

He must have arrived when the party began, but Nadia didn't know that he was there.

'Weren't you reluctant to blend into a noble society because you were a stranger?'

It was a little strange, but as she was hesitating, the next song was playing.

Nadia forced herself to put her arm on his waist.


​”I just arrived.
I guess it wasn't long since the dance time started.”

“Oh, so you must have arrived around the same time as Marquis Winterfell.”

(RreineFfleurs Translations)

If so, it was natural that Lee Jiho didn't encounter him.

She nodded and took steps.

'He's my father's person, so I don't have to act.'

As Lee Jiho kept talking, he made it very hard for her to keep smiling.

Nadia was exhausted, so she didn't have the strength to manage her expression.
Hence, she just moved the steps mechanically and relaxed her facial muscles.

At that time, Lee Jiho's voice was heard from above her head.

“I want to ask you something.”

“If it is something that I can answer, I will answer.”

“Did you hate the idea of marrying me?”


Being in a state of daze as she didn't think about anything, she realized half a beat late that Lee Jiho's voice was icy.

(ReeineFleurs Translations)

“To the extent that you can endure going far away from your home? Did you hate me to the point that you are willing to disgrace yourself and be labeled as vulgar? To the point where you thought being in the middle of the enemy's den would be better?”

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