It was evidence that Callaine had untied her necklace with her own hands.

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As people's eyes turned at her suspiciously, Callaine's face heated up.

Conversely, her accusation was seen as a deliberate effort to hide her embarrassment of the accident.
Callaine couldn't refute and didn't have a choice but to keep her mouth shut.

Nadia continued to talk, drooping her eyebrows she was wronged.

“Callaine, I don't know why you're doing this to me.
Are you doing this because you're upset that I'm getting married?”

Then Nadia apologized to the guests who gathered around the pond by slightly bending her knees.

(ReineFleurs Translations)

“I apologize to those who came to celebrate my engagement.
My dear sister must have been grumpy because I, her only sister, said I was leaving her somewhere far away.
I hope you could understand her with your generous heart.”

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“What… What….!”

Callaine tried to say something, but the Duke cut her off.

“Callaine, be quiet!”

It was very unlikely that Nadia, who was quiet and not greedy, would have had a physical fight just because she wanted Callaine's necklace.

Moreover, there was no chain scratch on the Callaine's neck, so it was natural that Nadia's words were more plausible.

The Duke knew how Callaine hated her half-sister Nadia so much, but to think that she even made a fuss in front of his guests!

Of course, the Duke, who valued honor over anything, was furious.

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“Your body is cold.
You'd better go into your room and rest before you catch a cold.”


Callaine's face turned white at his order which didn't sound sincere at all.

“I'm innocent! This is unfair!”

“Aren't you going? Hurry up and take Callaine to her bedroom.”

The maids who were ordered by the Duke helped Callaine struggle on both of her sides.

They held her gently, but it was a force that she, a young woman, couldn't overpower.

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Eventually, Callaine had to leave with a flushing red face.

When Callaine was dragged out semi-forced, a cold silence filled the air.

Such an awkward atmosphere where the guests were looking at each other.
The Duke cleared his throat loudly and tried to fix the situation.

“It seems that the sisters had a small quarrel.
On behalf of them, I apologize for making such a fuss on a good day.
I hope you all go back inside and enjoy the party.”

Then, as if he was embarrassed, the Duke hurriedly left his place.

As the Duke returned to the party venue, the guests gathered also began to return inside one by one.

The main star of conversation among the party guests was definitely Callaine.

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The women, who had ill feelings toward Callaine, laughed and whispered.

“Oh, my.
What's going on? I can't believe the precious princess of Duke Balazit embarrassed herself!”

“Well, she doesn't have a normal personality anyway.
I thought she might end up embarrassing herself one day, at least once.”

“I am sure she is going to stay low for a while because she has humiliated herself.”

(ReineFleurs Translations)

It seemed that many people had clenched their jaws because of Callaine.

Nadia, who managed to take her mother's keepsake, smiled a little and walked away.

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