se for a moment.”

“I heard you are in charge of being my escort temporarily.
Would you mind introducing yourself? Of course, you might already know my name.”

Nadia's way of talking without hesitation looked naive enough to make him forget her last name.

Fabian tried to answer brightly as usual, but when he recalled his lord's warning, he made a stern face.

“Fabian Knox.”

You have a nice name.”

Nadia replied with a puzzled look.
She could feel that Fabian was drawing a line.

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On top of that, alertness emanated from his whole body.
No matter from which angle she looked at it, he didn't want to get closer to her.

'A-Aren't you making it too obvious?'

Whether she was the daughter of Duke Balazit or Marquis Winterfell's wife, she held a higher status than a knight.

Hence, it shouldn't be strange to admonish him for his rude attitude.

She smiled awkwardly at the article with an oops face.

“I get it.
My father and Winterfell family are known for their bad blood after all.”

“N-No, that's not what ….”

If she put herself in Fabian's position, it would be difficult to trust the daughter of a man suspected of harming her predecessor lord.

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“But you'll find out soon.
That I'm an ally of the Winterfell family.”

“Oh, that just now…
I am covering for someone else…”

Nadia's sad look ignited Fabian's guilt to the fullest.

In front of her sad smile, Fabian had no choice but to feel nervous in his saddle.

Perhaps this Winterfell's youngest knight had a lower hurdle than her husband.

Nadia noticed that Fabian got nervous from her acting.

Pretending to laugh forcibly, Nadia nodded at Fabian with her mouth smiling sadly.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

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