Nadia got down from the carriage with the help of a knight that she hadn’t known before.

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Walking felt very uncomfortable for Nadia because her wedding shoes didn’t fit her feet.

“This is a summer house owned by the Marquis.
The wedding will be held in the garden.
Have you heard about it?”

“Yes, I heard so.”

“That’s a relief.
Only a really important few guests were invited, so the number of people coming today will be small.
Please understand in advance that the previous Marquis is unwell, so he couldn’t attend the ceremony for too long.”

“I hope the previous Marquis gets well as soon as possible.”

The unknown knight took Nadia, who couldn’t see the front clearly due to the veil, to the front of the wedding aisle.
Then, he whispered softly and added.

“You have to walk alone from here.”


The red carpet was rolled over on the wedding aisle, so it didn’t seem difficult for her to walk alone.

“The bride is entering!”

Nadia walked into the wedding ceremony venue.

Meanwhile, her eyes, covered under the veil, were looking around.
Although the view was a little blurry, she could get a hold of her surroundings.

Nadia silently admired the scale of a wedding ceremony that she had never seen even in her previous life.

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‘Wow… This is the first time I’ve seen a wedding held more earnestly than an engagement ceremony.’

It blew her mind considering even their engagement ceremony was sped up.

No matter how many people said she was married into an enemy family, Nadia wondered if it could really pass to head the family’s wedding ceremony.

Who in the world oversaw this wedding preparation?

‘······Oh, is it Glenn himself?’

Marquis Winterfell’s pair of eyes looking at her suddenly popped into Nadia’s head.
She could understand why the wedding ceremony was held like this.

Nadia kept her eyes straight ahead again.

At the end of the wedding aisle, a man in a formal black suit stood tall.

Even beyond her wedding veil, Nadia could figure how tall Glenn was.

Nadia walked carefully and stood by the groom’s side.

“Let’s start the wedding vow now.”

The ceremony began in earnest when the bride and groom stood side by side.

The person in charge of officiating began to move a long congratulatory speech.

The guests applauded several times behind the groom and bride’s back, and finally, Glenn put a wedding ring in Nadia’s hand.

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Nadia also put a wedding ring on his hand.

It was normal up to that point.
The problem was the last procedure of the ceremony.

It’s the last oath of a wedding.
The officiant solemnly lowered his voice and said.

“Will you, Glenn Winterfell, pledge eternal love with your bride, Nadia Balazit as your wife?”

“… I do.”

He answered with a voice that sounded like he had given up on his situation.

The question was then directed to Nadia.

“Will you, Nadia Balazit, swear to keep your faith forever as a companion of the groom Glenn Winterfell?”

“I do!”

She answered with a determined voice that contrasted with the groom.

Behind her back, Nadia could hear the guests chuckling.

“Oh, my.
Is she a fool or thick faced?”

“The Duke of Balazit must have raised his daughter dotingly.”

“She must not be aware of her situation right now.”

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The officiant proceeded with the ceremony pretending not to hear any laughter.

“Now, the bride and groom may share a kiss of oath.”

They went silent for a moment.

The officiant, who failed to see how the groom went stiff, added.

“First, the groom may open the bride’s veil.”


Sighing briefly, Glenn reluctantly moved his arm.

After he lifted up the veil, Glenn gently grabbed Nadia’s chin.

When the cloth covering her face disappeared, the view became clear.

Thanks to that, Nadia was able to take a closer look at Glenn’s face for the first time.

He had a manly shaped face and a high nose.
Distinct eyebrows.
Unusual silver hair and amber eyes.

Above all, the combination of his features was indeed an art.

It was as if the statue was blinking.

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In fact, even Nadia’s heart skipped a beat for a moment.

‘If it’s for this face… It’s plausible if anyone fell in love with him at first sight to the point that they would follow him to the North.’

It was a lie that Nadia made up, but now that she thought about it, she made the right choice.

As Nadia praised her decision in her mind, Glenn’sstatue-like face began to come closer little by little.

Surprised and trying to step back reflexively, a large hand held her firmly.

It was not long before the lips of the two touched each other.

Nadia’s eyes got bigger as she didn’t know that he would really kiss her lips– she thought he would just pretend to do so.


Glenn straightened his back as if he didn’t hear her voice.

His face was straight as he corrected his posture.

“This declares that the bride and groom have formed a relationship as a married couple.
The  guests may applaud the newly born couple as a blessing.”

Clap clap!

The guests clapped mechanically.

Glenn looked at the cheering guests and thought.

‘… It’s driving me crazy.’

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