choice but to marvel at the sense of pride of the northerners.

Finally, Nadia, who received all the greetings from the guests, sighed, leaning on the chair.

‘Ah… I’m so tired to death.
My face muscles are stiff.’

It was fortunate that she could wear a veil during the ceremony, but she had no choice but to smile brightly at the reception and show her face.

It was not easy to pretend to be happy in a place filled with hostile people everywhere.

Nadia almost had a cramp on her facial muscles.

‘I was glad that the ceremony was held safely, but I guess it’s not.
There’s one more crisis left.’

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It was the first night of the newlyweds.
It was a problem that had her stomach churned for the last few days.

Nadia couldn’t imagine if Glenn would want to sleep with her without feeling disgusted with her, the daughter of his enemy.

Would his lower-half-part and his brain have a different reaction? Her moment of the crisis soon came in no time.

It was around when the sky turned black and when the guests returned home one by one.

The old butler carefully came up to the altar and whispered in a small voice.

“Marquis, it’s late.
You should end the banquet and eat it in the newlywed room.”

“…Newlywed room?”

Glenn, who had a sour look throughout the reception, raised her eyebrows.


The wine glass he was holding was placed on the armrest with a rough sound.

He asked back in a stunned tone.

“Gordon, did you just say newlywed room? Are you suggesting that I have to sleep together with her?”

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“Yes, now that you had your wedding, as a wedded couple….”

“Do you want me to share a bed with a woman who might have come all the way here to kill me?”

“W-What do you mean I might kill you?”

It was not acting but something that Nadia yelped in a pure surprise.

‘Why would I destroy my own house? I made it all the way here to stand against my father.’

She had to live a long life to avenge her revenge on her family and ex-fiance.

Wasn’t they supposed to benefit each other so that he could also get rid of his political opponent?

However, it was just her abominable act for Glenn, who had no idea what Nadia was thinking.

He burst into laughter as if he was dumbfounded and continued.

“Then, Nadia Balazit, I am going to ask you one question.
Why did you want to marry me? To be your father’s spy? Or to forge a treason document? Are you going to accuse our family of treason?”


“Tell me truthfully.
There’s no one here to protect you.”

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