oted this marriage?

Glenn continued in a cold voice.

“Have we ever had a conversation before? Do you want me to believe that a woman would be willing to follow a man whom she has never said a word to to the North?”

“Do I need a reason to fall in love?”

“What a crazy…..”

“I love you! Please believe in my sincerity!”

Glenn gritted his teeth and glared at Nadia, who was still shaking her shoulders pretending to be a pitiful bride.

He was very suspicious of Nadia’s intention to walk to the side of Winterfell, yet he couldn’t interrogate her as she was the Duke’s biological daughter.
He couldn’t take the risk of hurting her at this moment.

Glenn’s fists were shaking a little.

Glenn had to tell himself to be patient over and over again and not to act impulsively.

‘What this vulnerable woman can do in an enemy’s territory without any allies is very limited.’

When a wife wasn’t acknowledged by her husband, her range of action would be even more limited.

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So if he thought about it rationally, he didn’t have to throw her away right away.

It wouldn’t take long to remove an unwanted wife once he dealt with the enemy.

Until the day when the rumor of the North being not loyal to the royal family and desiring to develop its own power disappeared.

Glenn clenched his jaw and said.

We’ll see how long you could keep lying that you love me.”


Nadia’s expression brightened up when Glenn said he would tolerate her existence right now.

But it didn’t last long….

“But I would advise you better not to dream of being recognized as my wife.
I will never set my eyes on Balazit’s daughter.”

“But, I’m not Father’s spy! How could you doubt my sincerity?”

Glenn’s subsequent warning forced her to cry straight away.

Nadia covered her mouth with her face buried in her palm as if she was in despair.

It was because she almost responded that she felt the same way.

‘I hope you keep your word, Marquis.’

Nadia was worried about him asking for his wife’s nightly obligation.

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Therefore, she couldn’t help but welcome his hate without hesitation.

Stomp, stomp.

With the sound of shoes hitting the marble floor like he was stomping on one’s life, Glenn left.

The sound of servants rushing out to follow Glenn came to Nadia’s ears.

She knew he left her.

Nadia pretended to be heartbroken and asked the maids with her head down.

“Did he… leave?”


The maids were nervous and began to look at each other.

A maid, who was pushed by the other maid in the silent awkwardness, answered in a careful voice.

“Yes, we believe so, Madam.”


The voice in Nadia’ heart cheered.

He better didn’t take back what he said in front of a lot of people about not sleeping with her.

Wasn’t it the virtue of a nobleman not to take their word back?

‘Never come.’

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