k you.”


As soon as the door was shut, Nadia took out the uncomfortable wedding headdress first.

Her hair that was being tied up tightly that the scalp hurted fell on her shoulder.

She felt like she could finally breathe when she took off her cumbersome dress.

As she went straight into the bath, she sighed quietly.


A, E, I, O, U.
Nadia also stretched her facial muscles that she had overworked all day.

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The warm bath relaxed her tired muscles.

Nadia loosened her whole body tension with her back head over the bathtub.

Just before she fell asleep in the bathtub, Nadia got out wearing the sleepwear that the maid had prepared for her.

When she finished washing herself clean, the bedroom was empty.

The maids seemed to have understood her saying that she wanted to be alone.

Nadia, who was about to go straight to bed, stopped for a moment.

‘I’m a little tired, but.….’

If she wanted to act, she had to do it properly until the end.

Then Nadia cried loudly on purpose to reach the ears of the maids outside.


Since she had been rejected by a man she loved since the very first night, she should cry as sad as possible.

Nadia, who had been wailing for a long time, finally stopped crying just until the moment for throat to hurt.

‘This should do.’

It wasn’t easy to pretend to wail for a long time with a starved body.

Her throat hurted, her head hurted, and her whole body was tired.

Nadia quickly approached the door, locked it, and went back to bed.

Then she bent down and reached under the bed.

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She caught a wooden basket on her fingertips.

It was a basket of fruits, jerky, and bread that she kept under the bed.

It was a late-night snack menu that she thought would smell less.

“Ah, I almost starve to death.”

It was a marriage that wasn’t welcomed by anyone, but it seemed that fitting into the dress was so important that they had to starve people all day long.

Nadia grumbled and put the apple into her mouth.

When the crunchy flesh touched her tongue, she felt like all her complaints were being relieved.

The fruit stimulated her appetite to taste meat.
She teared the beef jerky eagerly.

In addition, the bridal room also had a bottle of wine prepared.

With beef jerky and good alcohol, she didn’t need dinner.

Munch, munch.

The sound of Nadia swallowing food rang for a long time in the bridal room.

Soon after, Nadia, who had finished savoring the food, patted her stomach and laid on the bed.

‘Wow, this bed is really soft.’

Glenn said Winterfell’s financial situation was bad, but he didn’t seem to be in dire need of saving money on the bridal room.

As she was full and felt comfortable enough, she fell asleep.

Nadia soon fell into a sweet dream.

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