>“I apologize on behalf of this child, Madam.
If you want, I will replace her with another maid.”

“I didn’t mean it! Please forgive me!”

The notoriety of Duke Balazit passed by Aidyn’s head, who begged on the floor.

A manipulator who controlled the King.

A devil crazy about power.

If it were the daughter of such a person, it wouldn’t be hard to guess.

However, the voice heard from above Aidyn’s head was so peaceful.

“It’s okay.”


“It’s understandable if you were surprised.
I didn’t know I drank this much either.
I couldn’t sleep without borrowing the energy of alcohol..”

Aidyn was surprised and looked up.

Her eyes looking up were as big as a plate.

Nadia looked out the window sadly and continued.

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“Because the heart of a leaving man will eventually come back.”


Nadia said it herself, but it sounded cringy to her.
She had to struggle not to distort her expression.

‘How long do I have to stick to this concept?’

Would she be able to quit after gaining the trust of the Winterfell family?

Nadia was calculating the time to quit acting in her head.

While she was thinking about something else for a while, she could feel the atmosphere surrounding her change.

“Why are you–”



When Nadia turned her head, the maids were looking at her as if they were looking at something very pitiful.

One of them even raised her hands over her mouth to cover it.

They seemed to buy that Nadia came all the way to the North because she loved their lord.

They heard that Nadia insisted on marrying a man to a place where she had no family or friends.

Yet she was rejected by that man.

Oh, my.

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Their eyes shook violently.

What could they say to comfort her?

They were worried that if they opened their mouth recklessly, they might accidentally pour salt on her open wound.

The maids, who had been speechless for some time, soon began to sympathize with what Nadia had said.

“That’s right.
That’s how men feel..!”

“Someday, the sun will shine on you, Madam.”

“Do you think so?.
Thank you.”

Nadia replied puzzled.
she  didn’t expect such enthusiastic responses.

“Then can we get water for us so I can wash my face first?”

While Nadia was washing her face, Aidyn even brought her a glass of drink that was good for hangovers.

Thanks to that, Nadia’s senses came back by the time she finished having her breakfast.

The maid said while brushing her hair.

“You must have been tired from eating.
Please have a good rest in your bedroom today.”

“No, at times like this, I have to be more faithful to my duty.”

Nadia’s goal was not simply to avoid engagement with Lee Jiho.

If she only focused on avoiding engagement, there would be a long way to get revenge on her family and ex-fiance.

After such a miserable death, would Nadia be satisfied with just being alive again in this lifetime? It wasn’t enough for Nadia.

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