“I heard it’s been a while since the previous Marchioness passed away.
Who’s in charge of the household affairs?”

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“As far as I know, the butler and Madam Grace managed the household together.
It’s still early, so Madam Grace probably hasn’t finished preparing for the day yet.”

“Then bring the butler into the office of the main house.
Oh, tell him to bring the books and seals together.
I’m sure Madam Grace didn’t take them home, right?”

Madam Grace was Glenn’s aunt who expressed with her might that she didn’t like Nadia.

It was obvious that something tiring would happen if she got involved with her.

Fortunately, she hadn’t arrived in the main house yet because it was still early.
Therefore, Nadia had to take this opportunity to find her right as the hostess of the house.

Nadia stood up from her chair and said.

“First, take me to the office of the main house.”

The first step was to identify the resources she might have.

* * *

The rumor spread widely even before the day ended, saying that the Marquis’s wife who came all the way from the capital stayed up through her first night alone.

By noon, almost all the servants knew what happened last night.

“We even made a bet on how long until our master would come, but in the end he didn’t.”

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“I knew it would happen.
Who do you think was at fault for marrying our master with the daughter of an enemy?”

“So, how dare Balazit’s daughter pretend to be like a Winterfell? She has no conscience!”

There was a deep gap between the Northern and Southern people.

For that reason, there was little public opinion that sympathized with the wife who had been shunned by her husband on their first night.

Only a few servants were curious about the wife’s reaction.

“But… What happened after that? If she’s a Duke’s daughter, she must have dignity to keep, she shouldn’t be able to overcome such humiliation…”

“She should be throwing a rampage by now, right? Right?”

It was how Nadia was seen by others.

She was a fierce, arrogant, and capricious woman that made everyone hate her so much.

However, the following talks were different.

“I heard she cried for a long time.”

“…Did she cry?”

“That’s right, a very sad one at that.
I heard you could even hear it from outside.”

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The maids, who were just gossiping about Nadia to their heart’s content, stopped talking at the same time.

It should be given if the daughter of the greedy and vicious Duke of Balazit resented their master after he dared to ignore her.

But they couldn’t believe she cried sadly.

They were also a woman like Nadia, they had no choice but to put themselves in her shoes.

How would you feel when you had to get married into a place where you had no friends or relatives and even your husband ignored you?

‘She must be so sad…’

‘She must want to go back to her hometown…’

The atmosphere became gloomy.
As soon as the atmosphere was about to make them sympathize with Nadia, one of the maids shouted as if she had come to her senses.

“B-But from Master’s point of view, it can’t be helped!”

“That’s right! How can he sleep with the daughter of the one who hurt the previous Marchioness? What if she tried to kill him in his sleep?”

“That’s right!”

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Even if they said so, the spite in their voice was somewhat dampened.

The young maids began to talk about winter preparations as if they were trying to avoid the topic of their master’s wife.

The chatter did not stop even while they left their place with hurried steps.

As their backs were getting smaller and smaller with a handful of laundry, there was a group of people who looked closely at the maids.

It was the knights who were training in the field and the Marquis of Winterfell himself.

They didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when he heard he was being mentioned, a natural instinct to listen kicked in.

A knight opened his mouth and spoke.

“Sir, do you need us to tell them to not talk recklessly?”

“Talking about Master and Madam was a little….”

“Talking about a Duke’s daughter is one thing, but don’t you think they shouldn’t talk about their Master?”

“Tell the head maid to educate them harshly.”

Several knights suggested, but Glenn, the one in the topic, remained silent.

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Having been hearing the complaints of the knights for a long time, he raised his hand to stopped them.

“Aren’t they just children? Moreover, there was no word that crossed the line.”


“Unlike the capital, Winterfell is a desolate and boring place.
Just close your eyes on this.”

“Yes, if you say so, what could we..

Even if he said so, Glenn had a subtle look as if he had chewed a sour persimmon.

It was not because he was offended by the conversation, but because he learned Nadia’s reaction.

He witnessed her crying at the reception yesterday, but he never imagined that she would have continued to wail even after he left.

Glenn thought she was only acting because he was there in front of her.

If the enemy’s daughter suffered something sad, it should be pleasant for him, but why did he feel so uncomfortable?


Glenn kicked his tongue and ruffled his hair.

At this point, he thought it would be better if Nadia threw a fit at him for treating her like this.

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