“So how is she doing right now?”

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“I’m not sure… From what I hear from the other servants, her face was swollen this morning.”

“I wasn’t asking how much she cried all night.”

“Seeing that she woke up, it means she has a schedule to do.
Now that she has officially become your wife, she is probably looking around the mansion.”

“……You’re saying she is starting to act like a spy.”

“Yes, that’s right.
As you might have already expected.”

Glenn’s eyes sank heavily.

A Marchioness had the right to access documents that could only be viewed by family members.

It was never pleasant for anyone to have their cards exposed to their enemies, even though they didn’t document those that were really top secret one.

Glenn, who had been lost in thought for a moment, looked up.

His finger pointed to the youngest member of the troops.



“Nadia Balazit has no escort knight from the capital.
I entrust you as her escort.”

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“Oh, do you want me to keep an eye on her?”

“Yes, if she wants to send any communication  to her home, make sure to report it to me.”

“Yes! I’ll report you immediately if I see something suspicious.”

Being an escort was a mission favored by knights.

It was because escorts could spend most of the day indoors, which obviously made them feel comfortable.

However, the expression of the young knight, who answered loudly after a while, turned dark.

Glenn, who noticed the change in his facial expression, asked if there was anything wrong.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“I think she is going to refuse an escort.
She will notice right away that I am being put on her side to be her surveillance, not an escort.
What should I do if she refuses me?”

“She can’t refuse even if she knows about it.
What if she wanders around without an escort in an enemy den and gets harmed?”

You sound like a villain just now.”

“If you were being pushed into a marriage that you couldn’t refuse, you should be able to handle this much.”

Glenn spoke more coldly.

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His opponent was the daughter of the Duke of Balazit.

He should not be fooled by innocent-looking faces and tears.

It was obvious that Nadia would betray this side once Glenn let his guard down.

There was no reason for him to sympathize with the news that she cried for a long time because he rejected her.

“She is probably in the main house by now.
Go there.”

“Yes, Sir!”

* * *

“Glenn sent you to escort me?”

“Yes, I will probably take turns with the other knights who will be assigned additionally.”

Nadia’s eyes became round with surprise.

It surprised her that the knight suddenly came to her and gave a unilateral notice.

Soon after the knight gave her the sudden notice, Nadia wanted to ask if he was here to monitor her all day long.

Though she didn’t plan to give in calmly, a tiring type of person came to her.

Fabian’s back was slightly sweaty, ready for a fight.

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However, the Marchioness’ reaction was completely different from what he expected.

“I’m so happy that he thinks of me like this!”


“He wants to protect me during my time here in the North, right? How sweet he is to consider such a thing.

“A-Ah, yes…”

Fabian was contemplating if this was what people called interpretation was better than a dream*? His mouth was wide open by the unexpected reaction.

(*Meaning: Nadia is running away from reality and sees the positive side of Fabian being appointed as her escort.)

Fabian was doubting his eyes when he saw the new Madam had a young maiden-in-love expression on her face.

Seeing her rejoice with a slightly swollen face as if proving that she cried all night was true, he naturally felt sorry.

‘I’m not here to escort, my duty is to monitor her…’

Perhaps Nadia was just avoiding reality because she hadn’t acknowledged the reality that she got married and being shunned by her husband, and didn’t have a single friend at that.

If Fabian thought about it in a common sense, Glenn must have sent an escort knight for a formality.

‘I guess, it’s a reality that’s hard to admit for a noble lady who grew up nicely.’

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He almost kicked my tongue in front of Nadia’s face.

Fabian’s eyes looking at Nadia were colored with sympathy.

Of course, Nadia was not a fool to not notice the obvious intention.

She thought with a smiley face.

‘You’re trying to keep an eye on me all day.’

If Glenn wanted to keep an eye on her, Nadia welcomed it anytime.

It wasn’t a bad thing for her.

If Fabian witnessed in person that she wasn’t the Duke Balazit’s spy, Glenn would soon realize that she was really not a spy.

“Today, I am going to take over household’s matter from the butler.
I’ll probably be in the office all day, but if you feel stuffy, you can take a break and come back.”

“I can’t neglect my duties.”

It meant what he had to see how Nadia was going to do things.

Nadia sat at the desk smiling.

“I knew you’d say that.
Gordon, hand over the ledger.”

“Yes, Madam.”

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