‘He’s not chasing me.’

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Nadia glanced back and sighed in relief.

She had a mountain of work to do, and she had no time to waste just to argue with the knights.

She didn’t have to look at the condition of other places after she saw how the duchy was.

Nadia became eager as she found one more reason to make money as fast as possible.

‘The first thing to do is to settle the debt.
Otherwise, the interest will multiply every month…’

As she moved on with various plans in her head, she didn’t realize that she had arrived at the main building.

The sun was setting and right when she decided to call it a day.

“Ahem, hear ye hear ye!”

Someone caught her attention.

When she turned her head, she saw a group of people approaching the front door of the main building.

The scene of a bloated man striding to the middle of the entrance was truly a sight.

He was wearing a colorful silk robe on his back like a typical nouveau riche.

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‘Now what?’

After the wedding reception, all sorts of things happened.

It was as if she was being shown a glimpse of a number of events that would unfold in the future.

Nadia watched at the scene with a slight nervousness.

“Hear ye! I’m here to meet the lord!”


Nadia’s mouth opened slightly.

He came to meet the lord?

Yet, instead of calling the lord of an estate, the man was demanding like he was calling someone with lower status.

Even her father couldn’ t treat Marquis Winterfell with such a reckless manner.

Even high-ranking aristocrats wouldn’t do that.

The man was like dealing with a normal debtor.

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As she was thinking about it, Nadia stiffened like ice.

No way…

However, from afar, the house butler, Gordon, could be seen running toward him–proving her suspicion right.

“Yes! I’m coming, Sir!”

The running old man with a heavily grown mustache was the same person as the one who had been with Nadia until a few hours ago.

The butler, who just ran 100 meters in a hurry, stood in front of the man in the silk robe.

“If a guest arrives, you have to greet them immediately!”

“Haha, I apologize, Mr.
I was attending something…”

Gordon bent hard on the man while panting for air.

Nadia thought that anyone would take that scene as an abuse to elders.

However, the astonishing sight didn’t end there.

“Whatever, where is your lord? I have something to say, so I came to meet him!”

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‘That crazy…’

Nadia wouldn’t even call her neighbor like that.
If Glenn’s loyal knights had seen the shylock’s insulting manner, there could be a bloodbath.

What in the world did the man have that he could treat other people that way? She immediately got the answer.

“Ah, that’s… Our lord is not present right now…”

“Where could the new groom go after holding a wedding just one day ago? I know everything, so you can’t hide anything from me! The payment due date is near! I must get your definite answer today!”

You made us wait long  enough.
Do you know how much debt you have?”

“Since the troops are back from the expedition, didn’t you get something from it?”

“Besides, didn’t the bride come with a huge dowry? I believe you’re not trying to ask me to postpone the repayment date again this time.
We are going to go bankrupt before you could even pay!”


Again, it was a group of shylocks who lent money to Marquis Winterfell.

The thick cold sweat forming on the butler’s forehead seemed to be so clearly visible that Nadia could see it from a distance.

Abusing elders was out of line.

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But the real shocking part was still coming.
The shylock at the forefront with a sash around his neck shouted.

“If you can’t repay the money this time, I’ll take the Winward plains as collateral!”

What? Winward plains?

Nadia’s eyes widened.

‘If he is talking about the plains in the shade of the wind…’

It was the area that accounted for half of the production in the Winterfell Estate.

It was the most fertile land in this barren territory.


Nadia choked from nothing.

A harsh cough escaped from her mouth.

Finally, she could remember how the Winterfell paid all of their debts in the past.

If one could call it a solution.

‘How is that solving the problem? Once he takes the land as collateral, it will be over!’

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