“If any of you could postpone the due date, raise your hand.
The Winterfell family will never forget your loyalty.”

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There was no way that could happen!

Shylock had to endure the urge to snort at Nadia’s request.

If he didn’t know how to see through her intention, would he have been able to stand where he was now?

‘You nobles should know at least what you don’t know!’

There was no way any sane merchants could take the loss here.

Looking at the silent sight, no one came forward or raised their hand.

I, Katarina of the Creta Chamber, will postpone the due date as long as it is within this year.”


Shylock turned his head fast.

The first merchant to raise their hand was Katarina, a middle-aged woman with reddish brown hair.

Noticing the gaze focused on her, Katarina added further.

“Don’t look at me that way.
When I was young, the previous Marquis helped me.
Without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


‘That fool.
The previous Marquis you talked about will still be lying on his sickbed tomorrow even if you do that!’

Shylock was genuinely stunned by her stupidity.

For a merchant, one needed to keep their eye on profit and loss.
She wouldn’t get anything if she was swayed by her feelings.

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But the surprise didn’t end there.

“Well, I… I will postpone the due date as well, on the condition that it is within this year.”


Even Wayne, the merchant who loved money to death as much as Shylock did, stepped forward and Shylock couldn’t control his facial expression anymore.

Wasn’t he that Wayne of the Northern Merchant Association who would rather die than take a loss?

Shylock scratched his head in embarrassment and said.

“Ahem, I too have received favor from the gracious previous Marquis.
It’s not like you ask us to write off the debt, so how could I face the previous Marquis if I couldn’t fulfill your request.”


“Anyway, I will do as per your request, Madam! Besides me and Katarina, we all know that there are quite a few of us who have been blessed by the previous Marquis’ help in the past.
No matter how big the debt is, we are people before we are merchants.
If we forget the grace we received during our difficult times, we deserve to be called a monster, not a human being!”


Silence followed after Wayne finished talking.

It was a public secret that the previous Marquis supported the merchants to revive the economy of the Northern territory.

However, the previous Marquis was terminally ill, and it was obvious that if they pushed the due date today, they would suffer losses.

‘It’s true that the previous Marquis helped a lot, but….’

‘We have to think about ourselves too.’

‘If it’s too late, all the good land will be taken away.’

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Would they choose loyalty over personal interest?

The merchants, who had been silent, raised their hands one by one.

“Then I… I will join for the sake of the previous Marquis.”

“So will I.”

It wasn’t a large number of people.
It was less than half of the total merchants coming here.

Those who didn’t raise their hands rolled their eyes mockingly, but there was no one who dared to say a word.

“Is there no more?”



After checking the faces of the merchants one by one, Nadia finally smiled.
Then she bowed slightly and said.

“Marquis Winterfell will never forget your loyalty today.”

“Y-You don’t have to do this, Madam.
Please raise your head.”

“No, you deserve it.”

Shylock’s expression gradually distorted.

Whether it was the Marchioness who pretended to be a noble without the ability to repay his money, or the merchants who looked proud like they just made a great decision, were all stubborn.

‘Let’s see if I can expose your hypocrisy when I take the land away.’

If she regretted it and wanted to take back her words, it would be too late.
He would be the one who laughed last.

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Then, Shylock said deliberately.

“Hmm, we will see you on the due date then.”

“Shylock, wasn’t it? Don’t worry, I will prepare the money for you on that day.”

“Hmm… It would be nice if that would be the case.”

Where would the immature noble lady who didn’t know anything about the world get that much money within three month?

It was undoubtedly only a typical bluff noble said to those whom they had supported before.

Nadia gestured to the servants and said.

“You guys, see them off the outside of the castle.”

“Yes, Madam.”

“Then, I’ll see you again in three months.”

“I look forward to seeing you again, Madam.”

The merchants turned their backs after bidding her goodbye.

They rushed out as fast as when they came in before.

Gordon, the butler, approached Nadia as she looked at the merchants moving away and said.



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“Thank you for convincing the merchants.
Thanks to you… About half of the Windward plains are safe… If we don’t raise the money by the end of year, we’ll lose the plains.”

Gordon showed a gloomy expression as he added further.

It would be bad for his health if he had that much stress at his age.

With a short reply, Nadia said firmly.

“No, we will prepare the money before the due date.
All the amount owed.”

“Yes? What do you mean–”

Gordon’s eyes widened.

Had she ever thought of changing her mind and paying the debt with her dowry?

Hope began to fill his heart.

“There is a way.
A way to make money.”

“Well, then, why did you only ask them to delay the due date? You said there is a way to raise the money.”

“Ah, about that…”

Nadia smiled and continued.

“I did it to filter out those who are loyal to the Winterfell family.
You can’t do business with people who don’t even know the grace of trust, can you?”


“Secretly send and make appointments with those who have just offered to postpone the due date.
I have something to buy from them in bulk.”

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