you going to do about her? If you don’t want to lose your fortune and to be humiliated, stop her!’

Then, Gordon shook his head with a gloomy look on his eyes.

‘I tried it.
It didn’t work.’

The hardships of life that Gordon had been through seemed to be evident on his face.

Now he couldn’t tell anymore if this was a comedy or a tragedy.

The merchants started to regret delaying the due date.

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They thought there was really a solution that Nadia couldn’t say out loud, but somehow the solution was this.

Nadia’s eyes met their cold stare.

‘Why aren’t they saying anything? I guess it was no good telling them.’

The hardships of life seemed to be reflected in Gordon’s gloomy expression.

No one could tell whether this situation was a comedy or a tragedy.

They almost regretted the decision to delay the repayment date.

They thought there was a solution that would be hard to say, but they didn’t expect this to be the solution.

Though Nadia wasn’t forcing them to invest, somehow they got the picture.

However, the favors they received from the predecessor Marquis prevented them from turning a blind eye to the crisis of March of Winterfell.

“Madam, allow me to tell you what I think.
Purchasing all the herbs in bulk is not a very wise choice.”


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“Apple thorns are of no value.
There are countless herbs to choose instead.
There is not much demand either.
Considering the shipping and storage costs, it will be a huge loss.”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken.
The reason for today’s meeting is not for discussion.
I’m trying to hire you.
I’ll pay the brokerage fee according to your custom.
There will never be any harm to any of you.”

The immature noble lady seemed to have made her decision.

At this rate, she wouldn’t accept anything they said.

It was rather a good thing that they didn’t get angry when they tried to stop her making the foolish decision.

‘Well… She is the one losing the money, what say do I have anyway..’

They felt bad for the Marquis, who was lying in his sickbed.

They just hoped that Nadia would end the debt using her dowry and the Marquis’ property would not be harmed.

Wayne thought so as he sighed.

“If that’s the case, I’ll get in touch with merchants all over the continent.
I don’t think there will be a problem with securing the herbs.”

Since those merchants wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to sell useless herbs and collect the money.

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