Nadia said.

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“We can’t sell them at ridiculously high prices.
If we do that, we will end up becoming everyone’s enemy.”

“I feel the same way.
But even if we raise it several times higher than the current price, it won’t affect much since these herbs are not something that is nothing short of a bargain.”

Nadia wanted to set a price much higher than the current price.
Since in her past life, the selling price set was nothing compared to anything she proposed just now.

‘And it wasn’t even distributed fairly to the people.’

Shortly after it became known that the cure for the Black Death was thorny herbs, rich people hoarded thorny herbs released on the market with a high price.

They bought more than they needed in the face of the fear of death.

The problem was that thorny herbs were not the crops that people would usually grow.

Since they were not worth the time and money to grow for.

After the herbs’ natural vegetation that grew in the mountains and fields ran out, the price of thorny herbs shot up and the poor couldn’t get a cure.

If only they could share the thorny herbs fairly, so many people wouldn’t have died.

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Nadia did not have the ability to prevent infectious diseases that she did not even know where they came from in the first place.

But distributing the cure fairly to as many people as possible was what the least she could do.

“First of all, we need to supply the South, where the situation is the most serious.
Oh, how’s the herb harvesting going?”

“Yes, it’s a weed that originally grows anywhere, so it can be grown in the northern part of the country.
However, there is one thing that I am concerned about.”

“Tell me.”

“The epidemic is relatively damaging in the south.
But we have a monopoly on the cure.
I’m afraid the lords of the South are accusing us for spreading the epidemic on purpose.”

“That’s unlikely.”

Wayne added with a frustrated look to Nadia’s determined answer.

This was no time for complacency.

This was the situation in which public sentiment has been agitated by the epidemic

The other lords might accuse the Marquis of Winterfell for being the cause behind the incident to divert the anger of the people.

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“Logically speaking, of course, it doesn’t make sense for the North to create and spread an epidemic that Winterfell didn’t even know existed.
But when someone raises incitement, that logic doesn’t even matter to the people, does it?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

Nadia continued, waving her hands.

“Since the very beginning, I didn’t purchase those thorny herbs to start the Winterfell family, a herbal tea business.”

“Then why…”

“But you do know who I am, don’t you?”


Wayne exclaimed as if he finally put everything together.

The southern part of the kingdom was home to the Duke of Balazit.

Most of the southern lords belonged to the Duke’s faction.

If people accused Nadia of deliberately spreading the epidemic after monopolizing the cure, it literally meant they were accusing the Duke.

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“I don’t think there’s anything they can do this time.
Moreover, if we distribute the cure fairly to everyone, we will have a strong justification to deny any rumor or accusation.”

For example, they could say that Winterfell was just fulfilling the duty as the royal family’s vassal.

The important thing now was to provide the necessary amount of cure as fairly as possible.

“I will deal directly with the lords of each fief.
The transaction volume shall be determined according to the level of damage suffered– reselling by increasing the price or hoarding the thorny herbs will be highly prohibited.
As long as the distributor doesn’t get greedy, such damage can be prevented.
It is important to inform everyone in the kingdom about this, but is it possible?”

“The people in the association are scattered all over the kingdom.
You could spread my message through them.”

“All right.”

If anyone broke their promise and tried to hog the herbs, they would have to deal with the wrath of the people.

There was a difference between not being treated due to a lack of cure supply and not being supplied by someone who decided to play dirty with the distribution of the cure.

If the former case happened, those people would have to accept their doomed fate as they would become everyone’s object of resentment.

Nadia left the rest of the details to Wayne and other merchants.

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“Does anyone have any connection in the southwest?”

“I believe that the Valdemir branch of one of the Creta Chamber’s is there.
Isn’t that right, Katarina?”

“Yes, that’s right.
I’ll try to get in touch with them.”

“Then let’s leave the southwestern part to the Creta Chamber.”

As the three were too eager to get the work done, it was then that Nadia, Wayne, and Katarina heard a loud cough.

The person who made the noise was no other than Glenn, who was listening quietly.

Turning his attention, Glenn was looking at Nadia with a complicated face.

He looked like he had a lot to say.

‘I did try to wait until they were done…’

From that ardent attitude, it seemed that they wouldn’t stop discussing even if he waited the whole day.

The ‘It was my dream to do my own business’ was… what he thought as Nadia’s mere empty words.

After waiting for his timing for nearly an hour, he finally started talking.

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