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Large chests opened their lids and vomited the contents.
It was none other than gold coins.

The scene reminiscent of a golden wave was almost dazzling.

Shylock had lived as a merchant all his life, but it was not every day to see this large sum of money.

He had to remind himself to keep his mouth closed when he got distracted by the glittering gold coins.
The Winterfell prepared all that money in cash?

Right after, a clear voice penetrated his ears.

“You may count it.
I’ve calculated every penny including the interest.”


“What are you doing? You don’t have to think about whether we will be in trouble if we don’t have enough money in the future… You may count it at ease.”

The owner of the voice was Nadia, the Marchioness of Winterfell.

Dressed gracefully, she stood behind the chest with a triumphant look on her face.

Shylock, who made eye contact with her, couldn’t control his surprised expression.

Well, Nadia was sure he couldn’t.

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‘I didn’t really didn’t expect them to raise this much money……!’

Although Nadia didn’t succeed in the herbal tea business as originally intended, the fact that she made unbelievable amounts of money remained unchanged.

It was enough to pay off all the debts of the Winterfell family.

He didn’t see this coming – Nadia making money from the herbal tea business, or selling the medicine, or paying back the money the Winterfell family owed.

Shylock beckoned with a dark expression.

“G-Go ahead and count.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then other merchants also approached carefully and started counting the gold coins.

For some time, only the sound of counting and the clattering of gold coins resounded quietly in the Hall of Winterfell castle.

Shylock looked at the coins with his tongue wetting his parched lips.

How long had it been since they started counting?

“There is exactly a total of 10,087 Gold.”

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“9,720 Gold.
That would be the end of the Winterfell family’s debt liabilities to the Creta Chamber.”

“It’s 15,770 Gold here.”

The representative of each chamber rose from their seats after they had received their money.

The amount prepared by the Winterfell was exactly right, without any shortage or over the amount.

To the point where one couldn’t even seize the dust of it.

The debt that they thought would not be repaid was settled at once.

Now that there was nothing to be repaid, how would the Winterfell family react to the disrespect they had received?



The Great Hall, where the settlement was being completed, was filled with silence.

There was only a sound of someone swallowing nervously that rang occasionally.

No one was daring enough to even think of opening their mouths, so they carefully looked around.

Then Nadia’s voice broke the cold silence.

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“There are some people who don’t look happy even though they got their money back.
You are welcome to be happy on a day like this.”


The expression of the merchants was either one of two – It was either as peaceful as the ocean, or it was like they were chewing on something they shouldn’t eat.

The merchants who looked like they were contemplating their death were those who insisted about three months ago that they would not delay the maturity repayment date.

On the other hand, the merchants who accepted Nadia’s request looked somewhat proud and relieved.

‘There is no way she is going to retaliate against us for not delaying the repayment date…’

‘B-But we’re not exactly wrong for doing so!’

‘We had the right to collect the payment!’

Was it a great sin not to delay the repayment date? They didn’t think so.

Didn’t Nadia herself say she wouldn’t force them to accept her request?

No matter how noble she was, she couldn’t punish them for not listening to her ‘request’ to postpone the repayment date.

They should have shown a little empathy, but it wasn’t something wrong enough to be punished.

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Shylock and the other merchants raised their heads proudly.

What Nadia said next, added more certainty to their judgment.

“What are you doing standing there? I think we are done with our business.”


That meant there would be no further questioning.

The faces of some merchants who had dark faces lit up slightly.

‘We did the right thing.
It’s our right not to delay the repayment date!’

‘Even a noble can’t violate that right!’

Merchants who put down their worries gathered in front of Nadia with brighter faces.

They could just make up for the reduced score from now on.

But how could they make it up to Nadia?

“Ha ha ha… I stayed to congratulate you on the news that the herbs are selling like hot cakes, Madam.”

It was simple, avid flattery.

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