those losses would only occur, but they were not fatal enough to ruin their business completely.

Any man who was capable would be able to make up for the loss using a different way.

Nadia thought it was a decision that was neither too much nor too soft.

She had to keep those who had morality and virtue for a long time and get rid of those who didn’t.

‘Well, if they are capable enough, they will make it through other means.’

Since they didn’t consider Winterfell’s situation, there was no reason for Winterfell to consider theirs, right?

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Nadia continued with a decisive face.

“I guess everyone already knows even though I didn’t mention which business I will end the relationship with.
That means they know their fault, right? I won’t say much.
You’d better give up the idea of making a profit on the Winterfell estate as of today.”


“F-Forgive me! Please spare me just once!”

Small merchants fell at the feet of the Marchioness and kneeled for their wrongdoing.

But Shylock had a different idea.

‘You fools! The Winterfell is going to be cash-strapped again one day!’

Even if this black death disease made them a lot of money, the fact that the Winterfell estate was barren did not change.

No matter how much money they spent, the Winterfell would end up bottoming out someday.

It was obvious that the Winterfell family, which had no other means of making money, would be in debt again.

In addition, since they earned a fortune from the disease, they must have been spending so much to expand their business.

Shylock thought that Nadia was stupid enough to start a herbal tea business with a thorny herb, so it won’t take long before she ran out of all the money she had earned.

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‘The results of the fluke are bound to reveal one’s actual ability one day.’

He could imagine a scene where the cocky aristocrats were begging him for money.

That cheeky Marchioness would soon realize her mistake too.

Shylock took a few steps forward and opened his mouth.


Nadia’s gaze turned to him.

Even if she was stupid, he thought he should at least give her one last warning.

Shylock, who looked at her, said in a low voice.

“You mean you’re going to dismiss the business relationship by all means?”

“What do you mean by that? Do you represent everyone here?”

Nadia glanced at the sly merchant standing on her right and laughed.

She implied that there were many merchants to trade besides him.

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