it me? If your father finds out about this, he’ll definitely be upset.
Maybe he will disown you.
Why would you take that risk…….”

“Oh my God.
What have you heard of me so far?”

Nadia, who was listening to him, suddenly cut him off and intervened.

She looked like she couldn’t stand him who wasn’t stopping talking.

Nadia continued with a startled look.

“Because I love you! I fell in love with you at first sight, followed you all the way to the North, and we even made a vow! Don’t you remember what I said?”


Glenn did remember.
However he questioned her because he just couldn’t believe his eyes.

Helping a man she loved.
Even if it meant that she went against her father’s will.

It was simple and clear logic– but he just couldn’t understand it.

‘She really likes me?’

Before the triumphal ceremony, the two had never talked a word.

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Let’s say Nadia fell in love at first sight, as she claimed.
She was willing to do this to a man whom she only met once?

In Glenn’s head, Nadia was far from convincing.

But whatever reason she helped him, it didn’t change that Glenn owed Nadia much.

Even if there were other intentions.

“For whatever reason, the Winterfell family will never forget the debt we owe you.
In that sense… If you want to ask me a favor, you may tell me.”

Nadia’s eyes widened at the unexpected remark.


“Yeah, I’ll give you anything I can.”

Then from now on, Nadia wanted him to stop nagging and do everything she told him to do.
She just wanted him to grant her permission to leave for good.

‘… Or so I wanted to say…….’

Now wasn’t Nadia a wife who was in love with her husband now?

She was sure Glenn would listen to her request and give her the permission to go, but if she really said that, it would raise his suspicion.

Using this incident, she should maintain a positive sentiment and gain his trust for future plans.

‘They are going to misunderstand that I didn’t help the Winterfell family out of pure goodwill.’

What should she say here? A word that sounded convincing that she was a woman in love….

Nadia, who was brainstorming for a moment, opened her arms to him and said,

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“Then give me a hug just once.”


“A very, very sweet and gentle one.”


“Why? Did I ask you a hard favor?”

“No, it’s not that…… I thought you’d ask me a different favor.”

“For example?”

“Punish the employees and the servants who have talked about you behind your back, ask me to apologize in public, or pay off what I owe you…….”

“If I ask you that, I will never be accepted as a member of the Winterfell family.”

Nadia was the one who encouraged the situation where people couldn’t help but to talk behind her back after all.

Besides, she never cared about others swearing at her behind her back.

“Will you do me this favor?”


Nadia looked up with a slight smile.
Glenn’s amber colored eyes shook a little.

But he soon came to his senses and took a step closer to her.
It was just a hug, he didn’t have to think complicatedly.

“Thank you for what you have done for this family.”

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