Chapter 4

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​While Nadia drowned in joy, the conversation was progressing further.

“Why did you think so?”

“There are two advantages if we make our person as the Marchioness of Winterfell.
First of all, if the North shows signs of planning independence, we can notice it immediately.
And secondly, we can rule out the possibility that Marquis Winterfell solidifies the alliance by marriage with the other of the northern family.”

“But I am sure they are going to reject the wife that I choose.”

“Yes, of course they will.
However, the hostess of the family has the authority to access documents related to the house.
It will never be easy to simulate rebellion conspiracy without the Marchioness doesn’t get caught.
But, if this plan works out well, she could infiltrate as a spy to steal their information.”


There was no reason not to listen because the Duke’s plausible arguments were added with reasonable grounds.
Nadia looked at the King’s expression as she put the teacup down on the table.
Seeing him nod up and down, he seems to have already been half persuaded.
‘When exactly was the Marquis of Winterfell married?’ Nadia didn’t remember the exact date, but she was sure it was the following year.
In other words, it meant that if she didn’t hurry, she could miss the opportunity.

However, if Nadia intervened in the conversation, she would only receive her father’s rage.
When Nadia checked the surrounding mood, the King, who had been thinking for a while, spoke.
“Of course, that’s a good idea.
But I’m concerned if anyone will voluntarily send their precious daughter to the enemy’s den.

Who would want to send their daughter to such a place?”

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“You underestimate the faithfulness of your servants to the royal family.
If it’s just a child, they can give birth to them again.
However, it is not every day to meet the Lord who will devote their best.
They don’t have to worry about that because giving up their daughter will benefit them.”


“Hahaha! Your speaking skills are getting better and better.
I am all buttered up.” It was then that Nadia, who hesitated, saw the opportunity.
Her father’s words of giving up daughters if you were loyal servants to the royal family.
If she just waited and saw, she could miss this opportunity.
Now was not the time to hesitate.
Having made up her mind, she raised herself and said.
“Your Majesty! There’s something this Balazit daughter would like to ask you.”

“Nadia!” Before the words of telling her to stop came out of her father’s mouth, Nadia quickly continued her words.
“If you need a woman who has to go to the North, I want to play that role! Please let me make a contribution for Your Majesty!”


The King’s face was filled with astonishment.

Shatter! The sound of a teacup breaking could be heard from behind Nadia’s back.
Not to mention the expression of the Duke of Balazit, even Callaine whispered in a shocked voice.
“Are you crazy?” Nadia bent her knees in front of the King after ignoring the reactions of her father and sister.
“My father just said this to Your Majesty himself, didn’t he? If it’s my father’s person, she would be trustable more than anyone else.

“He did told me that, but isn’t the Northern a bit rough for you to go in person?”

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“Your Majesty has always cared for my father as your loyal servant.
Thanks to that, I was able to live a peaceful life as a noble.
It is all thanks to your grace that I have been able to live beyond my heart content.
Please take this opportunity to repay my kindness.”

Nadia said so and then fell on the floor.
‘Father can’t stop me.’ A while ago, the Duke of Balazit said this with his own mouth.
If you were a loyal servant, you would be more than willing to give up your daughter.
If Nadia was dissuaded here, it might seem that the Duke didn’t want to send his own daughter to the North.
He was furious at his daughter’s unexpected behavior, but he couldn’t stop her.
“How commendable of you.
But as you know, isn’t your father the enemy of Winterfell among all? There is no way Winterfell could easily accept the marriage proposal.”

“I will dedicate the laurel wreath to the Marquis of Winterfell at the triumphal celebration.”

“What did you say?” The King’s face became even stern.
From behind her back, her father’s deep groan could be heard.
“Do you even know what it means for a woman who has passed the coming-of-age ceremony to offer a laurel wreath to a man at the triumphal celebration?”

“It’s like a confession of love, I know.” “Then you also should know what your honor will be like when you get rejected.
How an unmarried young lady get rejected when she publicly courting a man.
If that happens, it will be hard for you to marry someone from a proper family.”

“There has been no case where the laurel wreath has been rejected at the triumphal celebration.”

“That’s because we made prior agreement before the ceremony is held! It’s a play that the public will like!” That was the whole point.
Just like Nadia’s act of offering a laurel wreath to Lee Ji-ho was planned in advance, the same went with all other triumphal celebrations.
It was just a narrative play that people could cheer for.
Nevertheless, Nadia’s expression remained calm.
“But he will not be able to reject my laurel.
That is because offering a laurel wreath at the triumphal celebration is like pouring cold water on a blazing fire.
Isn’t this triumphal celebration held at the request of Marquis Winterfell? He couldn’t ruin the celebration he requested himself.”



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“He will definitely wrapped up the celebration after dealing with the situation by accepting the laurel I offered.
After that, please arrange the marriage between Marquis and me in the name of Your Majesty’s earnest plea to justify the daughter of founding contributor.
Your Majesty is a benevolent monarch who could not be able to turn a blind eye to the loyalty he was given so far, and is trying to make the love of the Duke’s young lady come true.”

“That’s….” What a spiteful scheme.
It was the first thought Nadia had when she heard what came out of her own mouth.
However, it was a very effective method despite her guilt.


But wasn’t Nadia the daughter of the Duke of Balazit? If the King had to drive his loyal servant’s daughter to a dangerous place, Duke Balazit might be disappointed in him.
Noticed that the King was hesitating, Nadia continued.
“Your Majesty, please allow me to pay back the favor of the royal family and my father had given to me.
My father would never give me the opportunity to prove my loyalty.”

“Ho….” As Nadia spoke so earnestly, the King was starting to get convinced.

Then the King looked at the Duke Balazit and asked.
“What do you think?”

“……I didn’t know my daughter would have such a commendable thought.” Though it wasn’t easy to maintain her expression, she handled the situation nicely.
Nadia forced a smile, but there was no laughter reflected in her eyes.
Unfortunately, however, the King was neither clever nor quick to notice.
The King claps as if he was admiring it.

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“Balazit is a true loyalist of this country! Even though she is a young woman, she is as confident as any other knight!”

“You are flattering too much, Your Majesty.”

“I wasn’t comfortable having to send someone to the North, but I feel much relieved when you came forward.
I will never forget your loyalty.” Perhaps the word “relieved” was not a lie as a bright smile hung appeared on the King’s face.
Nadia wondered how a King could easily fell for words.

‘It’s a good thing for me, but·····.’ The King, who praised Nadia’s loyalty repeatedly, began to bring up another topic.
Nadia stepped back carefully because it was a conversation not related to her.
Now she began to serve refreshments, which had initially been her task.
Glancing at her father, as expected, Nadia could feel his anger.
His face was smiling, but the muscle on his clenching hand stood clearly on the sofa armrest.
‘Although the King has given his consent, it’s difficult to accomplish this plan without father’s approval.’ Nadia knew that persuading her father somehow wouldn’t be easy.
‘How am I supposed to convince him?’ As she lowered her eyes, her head began to brainstorm fast.

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​”I know you’re crazy but I didn’t know you are this crazy.” As soon as the King left the mansion, a stern voice could be heard as the owner of the voice grabbed Nadia’s hair.
It was her half-sister, Callaine.
Nadia sighed briefly and looked back.
Standing next to her father, Callaine was looking at her with a complicated face.
“I knew you are an idiot, but I didn’t know it would be this extend.
You’re going to volunteer and go to the North? Do you even know what kind of treatment you will receive there–”

“Callaine, stop it.” Duke Balazit confronted his daughter in a stern voice.
“I don’t think it isyour place to intervene, Callaine.”


In front of her stern father, Callaine had no choice but to step back.
Then, with his quiet daughter behind him, Duke Balazit took a step forward.
After the King left, the smiling facade had been completely stripped off from the face of the Duke of Balazit.  Wham! He swung his cane on the floor with a terrifying stiff face.
“Explain, Nadia.
Why did you do that? I have made it clear that your role is to offer the laurel wreath to Sir Ji Ho.
You must explain until I understand what you are trying to do.”

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