ed to her again, which made her calm her anger.


“As you already know, that silver-haired guy is Marquis Glenn Winterfell.
Make sure you don’t make any mistakes.”


Nadia tried to think rationally.

What’s important now was to successfully execute the play that she has planned.

Her eyes landed on the Marquis of Winterfell.

Nadia was sitting a little far away, but it was not difficult to recognize him.

Reine Fleurs

His significantly larger body than the average person made his presence stand out even from a distance.

Short silver hair, dark eyebrows, and aesthetic features.
He was just like how she vaguely remembered him.

Walking across the wide altar, he stopped in front of the King

“I dedicate the glory of victory to His Majesty.”

In the past, Nadia didn’t pay attention to him, so this scene was blurry in her memory.

No matter how many times she processed it in her head, she still couldn’t believe that the faint memories were reproduced vividly in front of her eyes.

Marquis of Winterfell set an example for his subjects by bending one knee in front of the King.

The same went for Lee Jiho and other commanders.
The King, who was praising the expedition with a celebratory speech, picked up Glenn and said.

“Oh, that’s right.
I heard that Marquis Winterfell made a remarkable contribution in this expedition.”


Glenn replied calmly.

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“It is just an exaggerated rumor.”

“There’s nothing to be shy about.
The predecessor Marquis Winterfell was also a very outstanding knight.
Your father in his sickbed will be happy to know the achievement you made.”

“It’s so commendable that you’ve been loyal for generations.
I will have to reward your loyal family.”

“It’s enough for Your Majesty to know my loyalty.”

“My, my, young people are so serious.”


He burst into laughter and said to the people standing on the altar.

“This is a place to congratulate the heroes of the Karla’ai expedition who brought victory to us.
I will reward the heroes who went through suffering from the expedition.”

“I’m so grateful, Your Majesty.”

The first one to step forward was the Duke of Balazit.

The tension between the Duke of Balazit and the Marquis of Winterfell was very well known.

When the two faced each other in the same room, the temperature on the altar went cold.

Only the insensitive King looked happy.

“The little Marquis of– No, it wouldn’t be right.
It would only be right to call you Marquis of Winterfell, wouldn’t i?”

The atmosphere was so tense that even the senior ministers could read the room.


It was the Duke of Balazit who began to be sarcastic first.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you.”

It was a mild response.

For someone who didn’t know Marquis Winterfell during his young days, Duke of Balazit dared to show such an attitude to the head of the Winterfell family, who had inherited the title and territory.

Glenn’s eyebrows are slightly raised.
He was also not an easy opponent.

“It hasn’t been long since I succeeded with the title.
It was chaotic because the Karla’ai expedition overlapped with the title succession.”


Such manner simply ignored the age difference between the Marquis and the Duke, who was almost the same age as his father.

This time, it was the Duke of Balazit who had a subtly hardened expression.


“My, my, it’s understandable.
Anyone could be immature at this age.”

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Don’t be arrogant, you stupid little brat.

Glenn, who quickly recognized the hidden meaning, immediately responded.

“What’s the problem about being young? It would only be a problem if we have too much energy to spend.”

I’m young, but I’m not going to die soon like you, you greedy old man.


At the insult, the face of the Duke of Balazit turned red.

But after a moment, he skillfully kept his expression calm as he was an experienced noble.

Soon after, the Duke burst into laughter  exaggeratedly.

“H-Ha ha ha!”

“I don’t know what you found funny.
Why don’t you share it with everyone here?”

“Oh, it was nothing.
It’s because I feel like I’m looking at the predecessor Marquis.
Indeed, a lion-like child is born from a lion-like father.”

This time, Glenn’s expression was distorted.

It was a public secret in the political circle that the predecessor Marquis was involved in a conspiracy accident.

And there were only a few people who wanted to kill and eliminate the predecessor Marquis.

It was not easy to maintain composure when the person who harmed his father openly provoked him.

It was the moment when Glenn was about to get angry.

“Stop it.
Not on such a great day.”

The King intervened between the two and waved his hand.

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“On days like this, please refrain yourself.
Isn’t today the day we give honor to the hero? Even your daughter is preparing a gift for the hero.”

“I was rash.
Your Majesty is right.”

A gift for a hero?

Upon hearing the King’s words, Glenn’s one eyebrow went up.

Come to think of it, he could see a young woman standing behind the Duke holding a laurel wreath.

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