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If she made a mistake in this place, she wouldn't be safe at home, considering the nature of Duke Balazit.

Although she was the daughter of a nemesis family, Glenn would feel bad if something terrible happened.

Glenn tried to quietly remind her of her mistake once again.

“No, I think you got the wrong person–“

“I've been keeping the Marquis of Winterfell in my heart for a long time! My heart grew even bigger because of the heroic stories I heard from the western border.
Please accept my laurel wreath.”


As she offered Glenn the wreath, Nadia made her confession.

At that moment, the cheers of the public who were watching the whole confession became even merrier.




Boom boom!

The sound of fireworks exploded in the afar sky as if offering the couple a congratulatory fire.

Glenn, who was never briefed of the possibility of this situation, could not help but be bewildered.


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Nadia said again to Glenn, whose mouth was opened in shock.

“When I first saw you, I fell in love at first sight.
I realized it the first time I saw you.
I believe that you will be the one whom I could devote my life to.”

Nadia was saying crazy things with all her heart.

Just talking in a pretty tone didn't change the fact that she sounded crazy.

Glenn hurriedly continued to reply.

The cheers surrounding them were becoming noisier.

If Glenn was too late, it might be impossible to fix this situation.

“Lady Balazit, you're not so foolish that you don't know what it means for a woman who has reached the coming-of-age to offer a laurel wreath in this event.”

“Yes, I know.
I'm confessing my love to you!”

The last word was shouted loudly that it could reach the ears of the nobles gathered on the altar.

The murmur got even worse at Nadia's persistent behavior.

Unlike the public, who cheered without knowing the actual situation, those who knew the political clash between the two families were confused.

Some nobles, who weren't notified of the plan in advance, began to murmur in shock.

“Did she discuss this with the Duke first?!”

“Of course she did! How could an unmarried daughter do such a thing without her father's consent….”

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“But them marrying are another problem!”

If Nadia did this on impulse, it would be a scandal discussed in society for the next few years.

How would the King and the Duke of Balazit react to this?

People glanced at the top altar where the King was.

Then, the King opened his mouth with a calm face.

“Marquis Winterfell, a beautiful woman is waiting for your answer there.
What are you doing?”


Glenn's expression was distorted.
He noticed that this was a play that involved not only the Duke of Balazit but also the King.

'How could you throw away your own child's reputation?'

He couldn't be swayed like how the King and the Duke wished for.

Glenn looked at the King and said,

“Your Majesty, I am so grateful that Balazit's young daughter is offering me a laurel wreath.
However, I couldn't accept this crown.”

Glenn's expression was as cold as the ice caps in the North.

He looked like he wanted to kill her right away, and Nadia trembled slightly at the thought.

'I-I'm sorry…
But it would be beneficial for you to marry me.'

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At least she wouldn't act as a spy as her father wanted.
It was a ridiculous play from the start to even finish with, but it was none of her business.


The only thing that mattered was that she had to change the future somehow.

Nadia got goosebumps from the murderous aura that flowed out of Glenn.

It was a well-expected reaction, but Nadia made an expression like she was hurt by Glenn's rejection.
It was time to squeeze out all the acting skills that she didn't even have.

Nadia looked up at Glenn with a tearful face and said.

“You don't like me because I'm not a legitimate daughter?”


“T-Then you don't have to feel responsible for my confession But please accept this wreath.
For my heart has been conveyed to you is more than enough.”

This crazy–

Glenn could see through her acting.
And Glenn wasn't the only one who thought that Nadia was absolutely out of her mind.

“W-What in the world did she just–“

“He doesn't have to take responsibility, she said?.
Did I hear it correctly?”

“Oh my God.”

Everyone on the altar began to buzz.

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The man didn't have to take responsibility for her confession just to let him know how much she loved him? It was more like she was proudly declaring that she was a shallow woman.

However, she did put her reputation at stake to offer him the laurel wreath, so it wasn't the right thing to refuse it.

Those who were briefed in advance about the plan by the Duke of Balazit began to heat the situation.

“Marquis Winterfell, are you going to humiliate the young lady in such a happy celebration? Why are you so cold-hearted?”

“Lady Balazit purely just admired the Marquis Winterfell!”

“Did you have a ill feeling toward the Duke from your dispute? How could you be so pathetic?”

The more the altar filled with a voice pressing him, the more Glenn's expression hardened.

Anger was slowly flowing out of the pumpkin-colored eyes.

Even the cheering public was buzzing curiously as Glenn continued to not receive the laurel wreath offered to him.

If he refused her laurel, the atmosphere of the triumphal celebration would be spoiled.
This celebration was held at the request of Glenn, after all.

To honor the soldiers who died in the distant land and console those who have barely returned alive.

'If they think I couldn't ruin this celebration with my own hands, they could just dream on it.'

Glenn closed his eyes and opened them.

For a brief moment, Nadia could notice that he had endured the urge to kill her.

'F-Forgive me..'

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