Chapter 8 | Reine | Reine

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The familiar voice heard from afar made her stop.
Nadia looked back reflexively.

“Sir Jiho?”

It was none other than Lee Jiho dressed in formal attire who was approaching the Duke.

The Duke's expression was as hard as ice as the said man was approaching close.

Considering that he was good at putting a polite facade in front of his people, the Duke of Balazit couldn't even control his expression, which meant he wasn't happy with the young man's behavior.

The Duke of Balazit said.

“What's going on? You must have been tired from coming a long way, yet you didn't take your rest.”

“I have something urgent to ask you.
I heard that the laurel wreath…
of today's celebration was definitely promised to me, but what happened?”

“Ah, about that….”

The Duke's face showed signs of annoyance.

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If your master made a change in his plan, it wasn't his place to come and argue about it.

The Duke continued, waving his hand.

(Translated by ReineFleurs)

“Something came up.
I'm sorry that I couldn't give you a heads up because we had a last-minute plan change.
I will find you another marriage partner, so you don't have to worry about that.”

“I'm not here to be introduced to someone else! Why did you change your plan? I'd like to hear the reason.”

“There was a good reason for that.
I don't think it is a topic to talk about in such a place, so let's set up a meeting another time.
I'm going back for today.”

“You're too much! I'm sure that before I went to the war–“

The Duke finally became furious at Lee Jiho's persistent attitude.

“What do you want me to do now? The event has already ended! Are you asking me to put a notice on the Capital to meet what you wanted?!”

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It was a voice that drew a line that shouldn't be crossed.

The furious Duke's forced him to shut up.
He still needed the sponsorship of Duke Balazit.

When Lee Jiho clenched his fist without saying a word and held himself, the Duke opened his mouth again while pinching his forehead.

“Anyway, it was my mistake not to tell you in advance, so I will compensate you for that.
I will pair you up with the woman you want.
There are as many beautiful women as stars in the Capital.”


“You understand what I said, right?'

This time, it was a soft voice as if trying to soothe his own anger.

Nadia knew very well that was how her father handled his people.

Offering compensation of giving Lee Jiho his desired marriage so that they would be able to stop Lee Jiho from bothering him with the same issue again.

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However, there was one thing that the Duke of Balazit overlooked, which was…

'It means they didn't get along very well from the start.'

Even before she returned to the past, there was no one who didn't know the rivalry between Lee Jiho and Glenn Winterfell.

The two have never directly clashed with each other.

However, what the two had in common was the reason why people thought so.

Similar age, one of the war heroes, and was good looking.
Nobles who loved to talk about others couldn't help but compare both of them.

Even if they had no bad feelings about each other, the rivalry sentiment encouraged by people around them created a sense of competition that didn't even exist before.

In addition for Marquis Winterfell's side, Lee Jiho was a knight sponsored by his long-time enemy, Duke Balazit.
Therefore, it was only natural that everyone assumed that their relationship was not nice.

(ReneFleurs Translations)

'Though at this point, the conflict between them isn't revealed on the surface….'

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Nadia remembered it took some time before their rivalry would be in the spotlight.

Lee Jiho, who had been underestimated for being a stranger from another world, was inferior to the Marquis Winterfell, a descendant of a historic, prestigious family.

Although Lee Jiho never admitted it out of pride.

Perhaps this incident would speed up the deterioration of the relationship between the two.

Wouldn't it be a shame if something that was supposed to be his long time ago was taken away by the person whom he hated?

As if it was a rule that they could take away anything they wanted from someone more inferior.

Even if it wasn't something that held a great value.

The conversation between the two continued while Nadia recalled things before her return to the past.

The Duke continues to speak in a soft voice.

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