How could they use a triumphal celebration to attract people's attention like that?

“I don't know who is behind this.
It gives me a headache.”

“But it sure is effective.”

“Except for the fact that the Duke put his daughter's future at stake.”

What was he going to do if the plan went wrong and the marriage with Glenn didn't take place? As long as Glenn accepted her heart, he didn't have to take further responsibility, did he?

All Glenn could say was that the Balazits were out of their mind.

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When he remembered the face of the young woman hanging on to him just because she loved him, his head began to ache again.

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It made Glenn bury his forehead in his hand.

Then, his aide opened his mouth again with a careful voice.

“By the way, it's about Sir Lee Jiho.””


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“According to our man who was on the altar at the celebration, he looked very flustered when Lady Nadia offered her laurel wreath to you.”

“That guy?”

“Yes, it seemed like he thought Lady Nadia would offer him the wreath.”

At that time, Glenn didn't notice any of that because he didn't have time to look at Lee Jiho's reaction.

In fact, Glenn also thought it was Lee Jiho's until she gave him a wreath.

Lee Jiho was the hand-foot-and-mouth of Duke Balazit.
Hence, it was strange in many ways that he didn't know the Duke's plan in advance.

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