Opening my eyes I see a very unfamiliar emerald sky with a massive red moon at least ten times the size of the one I know of though that is not the only difference. Half of it is currently falling towards the planet. Panic rising in my mind not understanding whats going on my hands shake and people all around me are screaming but I hardly notice as I watch what is most assuredly the end of this world.

”Calreas ” I hear someone whisper to my right. Turning my head it seemed to take ages to do. To my left I saw a beautiful Female whose skin was reminiscent of obsidian,with her eyes glowing an emerald green Her straight raven hair was being whipped around in the heavy wind Her ears as pointed as daggers. She seemed filled with a mixture of rage and despair. Pointing at me almost as if she was accusing me of something.

Apon seeing her fully the only thing that was going through my mind at that moment is, that elf is **ing HOT. Her lips were moving but I couldn make out what she was saying. Blood red tears started falling from her eyes, moments later she became engulfed in a green flame burning to ash.

Darkness consumed me. Beep, eeep, eeeeeeeeeeeep.

Trish opens her eyes still groggy from sleep, she barely registers that on the clock it says Sunday 6:00 am and proceeds to slam her fist down on her metal alarm clock destroying it and putting a hole in her oak desk.

”What the hell are you doing ” screams her mom who had come into Trishs room like she does every morning. Belt already in hand not waiting on a response she starts swinging at trish pinpointing her stomach.

This is how she usually wakes up *swats* from her mother. This time something changed for the first time she managed to dodge one by leaping off her bed. Trish not waiting around for the extra *swats* for dodging the first blow. She rushes past her mom fully clothed in a gray woolen dress. Not bothering with her shoes she gets to the front door, flings it open and jumps over the railing and falls a story and proceeds to roll to reduce impact.

”You ungrateful bitch get back in here right now ” Trishs mother screamed at the top of her lungs. She arrived at the door in a sky blue mumu with her brown hair up in hair curlers, a cigarette in her mouth and that damn belt in her right hand. *If I find out you
e going to that whores house I will end you! ” She roared, sounding like a rabid dog.

Tears running down her face She runs to the one place, the one person who makes her feel loved and safe. Just 10 minutes and 4 miles later she arrived. Barely registering that she ran faster than ever before. Looking up at the house that to her is home. A small black painted home with a purple door. Raising her hand to knock on the door. Before she could even knock, it swung open and she then proceeded to be smashed into a huge pair of breasts and held there.

”Trish are u okay i just knew something awful happened today ” said the absolutely stunning woman that was holding her. ”Momo, I can breathe. How many times do I have to tell you, your boobs will be the death of me. ”

Finally loosening her grip on Trish, she raises her head to look at momo. Blue eyes like a clear lake, her small nose having a splotch of freckles , long blonde hair in pigtails Seemingly putting off a girl next door vibe, But to trish she was like a mother, sister and Best friend all in one stunning package.

”Come inside for some breakfast. ” Momo then proceeded to drag Trish inside for something to eat. ”Here I know you don like eggs so you can have the rest of the waffles and bacon. ” The smell coming from the table was the heavenly smell of bacon and syrupy waffles. She sits at the table and proceeds to absolutely wolf down her large stack of waffles and handful of bacon.

In between bites Trish tells momo first about what happened with her mom, then her dream. Momo nodded her head, a flash of rage crossing her face when hearing about Trishs mom. Then she started Expressing wonder at the description of the world and the elf woman. ”Kind of sounds like it was love at first sight, ” Momo teased. ”What do you think she was trying to tell me momo? ”

”Im not sure, maybe that your mom was coming? ”

”Maybe its almost an every morning occurrence though today I managed to escape, so maybe you
e right. ” Rubbing her stomach which is covered in deep purple bruises from the previous morning.

Momo watched her friend rub her stomach. She has to push the rage down knowing that everytime they call the cops it never works. It ends up just making it worse. Momo reaches for her hand. ”Come lets go shopping, my treat. Because that dress that she makes you wear is atrocious. Not to mention it looks like you need some shoes. You can keep the clothes at my house so she doesn throw them away. ”

Glancing down at her feet she realizes she has small cuts all over her feet from running all the way here. Raising her head, ”that actually sounds nice, ya lets go. ” Grabbing her purse she grabs Trishs hand and they walk out the door and head to the mall.


After many hours shopping and grabbing a bite to eat Trish now dressed in a cute black Blouse that is almost form fitting showing off her figure That is normally hidden. Paired with a Black and red checkered Skirt that ended at her mid thigh and Black goth boots.

”My mom would shoot me if she saw me in this. ” She said with a smirk.

Ding. Momo pulls out her phone ”I just got a message from jin…. Oppai are u and Hypnos on the way the game starts in an hour. I have something I need to tell you both about James. ”

Anger overtaking trish ”I told him to stop calling you that! I am going to kick his ass this time. ” Bursting out in a fit of laughter with tears in her eyes. ”Im just messing with you he called me momo ”

”Why would you risk that last time I nearly gave him a concussion ”. Cracking a smile she shakes her head in exasperation ” I wonder whats wrong with James lets hurry over there were just a half an hour walk away. ” She sends a text to Jin saying they will be there in 30.


Both of them arrive at the stands and look for jin. Spotting him in the usual spot at the top far right with his head down being illuminated by his phone. Pointing at Jin, ”Momo found him in his usual spot. We made good time. He isn expecting us for at least another ten minutes. ” As they started heading his way The schools fight song started playing by the band. Finally reaching him after weaving through the bleachers. ”Whatcha reading handsome, something I would know? ” Momo teased.

Jin glanced up at them as they sat down, Trish to his right and Momo on his left. ”Its called Omniscient Reader and probably not. ”

”Im glad yall are here, something weird happened yesterday. James accidentally broke a guys leg he thought he snapped the guys shin turns out he shattered his femur. He will never walk again. He is distraught but his dad forced him to play anyway. ”

Eyes widening ”did u say shattered his femur.. that shouldn really be possible. Was he wailing on him or something? ” Trish implored. ”Wait, is it that weird to shatter a femur? But no it was one elbow strike I think I barely saw it, James said it was one. ”

”Yes, it is extremely unusual, poor guy. I know James would never do that on purpose, and Thats not something you can do accidentally. ” Trish turns and looks out to the field to see if she can see James. Seeing him surrounded by his team. Could he have wanted to put that guy out of commission. It just doesn make any sense.

”Break ”ten set hut ” ”hike ” James catches the ball that was hiked to him. Something was happening with James vision, everything was going in slow mow, time seemed to slow for everyone else but him. his is so weird he thinks to himself. With everyone being so slow he decides to start running the ball himself since his running back barely even moved yet.

To everyone else he almost seemed like a blur in just 4 seconds he ran 70 yards. The rest of the game play after play James steamrolled everyone no one could even touch him. By the end it was 280-56. This broke a world record but only 4 people besides the other team and their coach Were not overjoyed by this all for different reasons.

Pov Jin

Im happy he won but his father is going to use this as a way to just push him further from his dream

Pov Trish

If I did the math right he just ran 35mph, that shouldn be possible. What the ** is going on. Too many impossible things hes doing. Trish not realizing that she herself ran very fast this morning about 24mph

Pov James

Somethings wrong what is happening to me first that guys leg now im seeing things in slow motion. I ran too fast, nothing is making sense.James thought. Was I drugged? Did I unlock my latent potential? Was it chi? Shaking his head James tries to come back to reality.

After the game James didn want to deal with all the shit that comes with winning a game and just got up and ran home with a lot on his mind. Jin, Trish, and Momo all watched him run off field after agreeing to catch up tomorrow they all go their separate ways and head home. Jin before leaving the field looks at James Father and shoots james a text letting him know here is there to talk if he needs to.

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