World Of Isle

Inside The Dungeon

Brooke looked at Jack and said, ” so Jack are you going to join my party ”.

I replied, ” dream on. But if you want to join my party I will give you the position of Deputy Captain ”.

Brooke shook his head and said, ” no way, I will not. I will form my party ”.

I nodded my head and said, ” whatever, so next time when we meet it will be later in the seas ”.

Brooke said, ” who knows. I am going to join the Navy later. What about you? ”.

I replied, ” I don know as I am going to form the strongest crew made up of few people not exceeding ten. But they will be very strong and we will dominate the sea ”.

Brooke listened to my words and said, ” are you going to fight hundreds of pirates with different professions with those ten members of yours ”.

I replied, ” yes indeed. Sound crazy to you right. But it will be possible in the future. We will make the whole sea upside down ”.

Brooke said, ” then I will hunt you down ”.

I laughed and said, ” Brooke you can try your best as in the future I will be waiting for you. But remember to come prepared or else you will be beaten ”.

Brooke smiled and said, ” of course ”.

I nodded my head and then said, ” okay then I will see you later ”.

After that, I looked at Ivan and bowed to him. Then I said, ” Thank you Mr. Ivan for your teaching, without you I would be just a hairy boy ”.

Ivan laughed and said, ” no boy, its me who has to thank you. Go and do what you want to do. Remember Jack, Brooke, and John whatever you do, don regret it in the future. This will be my last teaching to you guys ”.

I nodded my head and then said, ” thank you, teacher ”.

Ivan went back to the Dojo but there were tears following in the corner of his eyes and said to himself, ” they both have already grown now its time for those chicks to fly. May god protect you ”.

While outside I walked back home.

Amy and Drake were both present waitings for Jack.

There was a crystal in their hand. It was an awakening crystal that could be used to awaken the profession.

Seeing Jack coming back they smiled while Draco flew and sat on Amys shoulders and rubbed his head on her face and then same he did it with Drake.

Drake said, ” are you ready son ”.

I nodded my head and then said, ” Dad can Draco accompany me as I want him as my first partner ”.

Drake replied, ” of course, we have prepared a special crystal for you both. Come and place your hands. Then close your eyes. You will be in a vast Universe where stars will be of different colors and signs. Each of them represents the profession ”, saying so he stopped and then continued, ” remember son choose the stars that will be most compatible with you ”.

Then he handed the awakening stones to Jack and Draco.

I looked at my father and said, ” Dad wait a minute ”, saying so I picked up Draco and took a bath. After that, I began to pray to God to ask for his blessing.

Draco had a puzzled expression on his face and then we walked back and said, ” dad now I am ready ”.

Drake said, ” was it necessary to take bath ”.

I nodded my head and replied seriously, ” yes dad ”.

Drake smiled and then said, ” okay follow my instructions later ”, saying so he handed us the awakening stone.

After I held the awakening stone in my hand, I felt my consciousness sink into it. Then I felt I have came to another universe. I saw many stars appearing. Some were in groups while some were very far away. I felt something pulling me. Before I could think of anything I was in front of a star but it gave colorful light but a very dangerous aura. Before I could watch it I felt my consciousness back into my body.

I opened my eyes and then saw my dad and mom looking at me.

Seeing this I asked, ” mom how much time has passed ”.

Amy replied, ” five minutes ”.

Then Drake asked, ” son what class did you awaken? ”.

I asked, ” Dad how do I find out about it? ”.

Drake replied, ” now you can check your status by saying show status ”.

I then said to myself, ” show status ”.



TIER 1 (LEVEL 0/30)


HP- 10/10

MP- 20/20

STR- 1

DEX- 1.3


INT- 2





After checking my status I said, ” dad my class is Elementalist ”.

Drake said, ” ok an Elementalist. It might be a new class son ”.

I nodded my head and said, ” yes dad ”, saying so I stopped and then asked, ” dad can I check other peoples status ”.

Drake replied, ” only certain people with scouting skills can do so. You can get those skills by killing the monster in the dungeon ”.

I nodded my head and then asked, ” Dad what is your level? ”.

Drake had a mysterious smiled and said, ” after you reach Tier 3 at that time I will tell you my level ”.

I nodded my head dumbly and then a certain question popped into my mind, ” who are my parents exactly? ”.

But I clear my mind and then asked, ” how will be going to the dungeon ”.

Drake replied, ” well there are two ways to travel to the dungeon. One is by walking to the Dungeon building. and Another one is by carrying a dungeon stone ”, saying so he stopped and then continued, ” Since I haven given you any gift so my first gift will be dungeon stone. Keep it safe with yourself. Don let any other people know about it ”.

I nodded my head and then took the stone from my fathers hands. It was a colorful stone.

Then Drake said, ” whenever you want to enter the dungeon then just channel your mana to the stone. You can travel to the dungeon with Draco. Before entering the dungeon be sure to form a party with Draco or else you both will be teleported to a different place ”.

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