World Of Isle

Sub Profession- 2

Two years later.

Inside a hut, Amy pinched her sons face and said, ” where are you running off to John ”.

I replied, ” mom I am going to farm ”.

Amy said, ” okay son. Bring the launch to your father ”.

I said, ” okay mom. Give me the launch box ”.

Amy walked into the kitchen and began to pack food for Drake, while I began to recall my days. It was already two years old since the last time I took birth on this Aloha island. There were several things that I couldn do in the past life that made me feel sad. So this time I decided to work hard for it.

” John takes the launch with you and is careful on your way ”, said Amy.

I woke up from a daze and smiled then said, ” don worry about it mom ”, saying so I waved my hand and went off towards the farm.

Also looking at my moms face, I decided to work hard and let them live a good life. Thinking about it a smile came to my face.

I greeted the neighbor on my way. As I walked down the road. There were several red and blue flowers growing by its side adding beauty to it. Colorful butterflies were flying near the flowers. A cool breeze used to pass from time to time bringing the salty smell of the sea. Above the sky, two small stars were lighting the day. I knew the reason why there are 48 hours in a day. Also when I used to ask about the knowledge of the planet I got to learn many things.

On your fourteenth birthday, you will awaken your talent. Also from that day onwards, you can view your status, learn skills, level up, and if you want then you can challenge the main island.

I also learned that there was a navy stationed on this island so no pirates were looting these islands. Or else the beautiful island had already been turned upside down.

” John how did you come to this place ”, exclaimed Drake.

” By walking Dad ”, I replied.

Drake said, ” what will happen if someone will kidnap you, my dear! ”.

I facepalmed my face and said, ” dad how can people kidnap in broad daylight. Also, the navy is patrolling the roads ”.

Drake said, ” Okay. So why did you come here? ”.

I replied, ” dad I wanted to help you. Also mom asked me to bring your lunch ”.

Drake replied, ” Ok, but you are not allowed to roam around ”, saying so he picked up the launch and sat under a tree and began to eat food.

While after I got the permission I began to water the plants.

So you might be thinking why are you watering the plants? Then I would answer you guys, there is no TV, no games. Its like I have come to the medieval age where books are very scarce and its costly for the people from my family to buy them. So I haven found a book yet so to pass the time I decided to train my stamina. Thats so why I work in the field.

Time passed by and we walked back home. We chatted with each other and then went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I used to wake up and then gaze at the stars. I have done the same things for the last six months and I found the stars were in the same position. They haven changed a bit. Everything feels so unreal. In this way days passed by until I reached age 5.

Today my father looked at me and said, ” son what are you going to do ”.

I looked at my father and asked, ” Dad what do you mean? ”.

Drake said, ” son do you want to train in some other profession ”.

I looked at my father and said, ” Dad we awaken our profession at the age of fourteen years right ”.

Drake said, ” son I am talking about your sub profession. Its not awakened. But you need to learn it yourself. Some people awaken the talent like blacksmiths which gives them a bonus when they craft equipment. While alchemist talent lets them gain additional knowledge about potions that might increase their strength. But those people with talent could only use it on themselves ”.

Saying so he ate a piece of orange and then continued, ” you can learn to the dojo to learn unarmed combat, go to a blacksmith shop to craft equipment, go to farm like me and become a farmer, stitch clothes in a tailor shop, learn about navigation by going to the sailor shop but there you need to pay money to learn it ”.

Drake stopped while waiting for his sons reply.

I looked at my father and then replied, ” Dad can you buy me a navigation book. I want to learn more about it ”.

Drake asked, ” why do you want to learn navigation? ”.

I looked at my father and said seriously, ” I want to see the outside world. I want to sail in these vast oceans and visit all those islands and enjoy their beauty. I want to become an Island conquerer dad ”.

Drake said, ” Okay, I will get you a copy of the navigation book. But it will take some time ”.

I nodded my head and then said, ” then father I will join the blacksmith shop ”.

Drake said, ” okay then you can go and try to see if you can become his disciple ”.

I asked, ” dad does the people inside the blacksmith shop also takes exams ”.

Drake said, ” yes after you qualify then only can you become an apprentice blacksmith ”.

I then said, ” of dad, I will visit those shops ”.

Saying so I walked toward the blacksmith shop. After reaching the shop I looked at the young man eighteen years old and said, ” big brother I want to take the test for blacksmith ”.

Mark looked at the young boy who had come to ask him about the apprentice test. So he handed him a 100 KG hammer and said, ” Take these hammers and keep shrinking 1,000 times on these iron lumps ”.

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