World Of Isle

Five years later

I began to strike the hammer. At first, it was easy until I hammered for the 100th time. Then it became difficult to lift the hammer but I insisted on continuing. So by the time I struck the 200th hammer, I felt that I couldn lift the hammer anymore.

Mark said, ” you are failed. Get out ”.

I walked out of the shop. I didn feel dejected as in the last life I had been rejected more than twenty times until I got a job. So I looked at my body and felt that my body was indeed a little weaker than other childrens. So I decided to not look for this kind of work. Then I decided to walk around and look for a suitable sub-profession.

Mark saw that the face of the child didn change. Seeing this he was surprised as most of the child at his age would feel dejected. But then he shook his head and decided to focus on his current work.

As I walked around I saw went to a tailor shop but the apprentice here work hard and most of them were only taught to deal with leather work. No practical knowledge was shared. So I moved out of the shop and began to wander around and by the time I knew I was back at home. As there was no alchemist taking disciples so it was useless for me to go there and other jobs were mostly not suitable for me as they were not efficient or helpful in later stages so I gave up. I also visited the shipyard but there also I got rejected as they were finding people to carry logs.

Drake looked at John who was absent-minded and then said, ” John did you find any job son ”.

I looked at my father and then explained to him the situation and then said, ” dad I want to learn the hunter profession ”.

Drake had a surprised expression and then he asked, ” oh why hunter? ”.

I replied, ” Dad because becoming a hunter you can learn to hunt suitable animals. You can also learn what to hunt and what not to. You will also learn to use ranged weapons. And also the final reason, gold coins dad. Those people earn a lot of gold coins if they hunted rare animals or birds ”.

Drake said, ” okay, your reasoning is indeed good but I will not allow you to join the hunter job as you may not know. There are still ferocious beasts roaming on top of the mountain. So unless you become a Tier 1 awakened I will not allow you to join them ”.

I was speechless after listening to my fathers words and then I said, ” Dad I will think about which job to choose tomorrow ”.

Then I walked back to the hut and instead of lying on the bed I climbed on the guava fruit tree. I plucked ripe guava and then ate it.

Amy looked at the scene and then looked at Drake and asked, ” so what has our son chosen as his secondary profession ”.

Drake said, ” he wanted to be a sailor. So I decided to get him a copy of all my navigation notes ”.

Amy smiled and said, ” finally you are going to teach him about sailing. Once we used to sail the seas. It was the best moment I had with you ”.

Drake also smiled and said, ” me too. Those guys from our crew have all disbanded. If they might know that I have married you their looks might be interesting ”.

Amy smiled and said, ” yes indeed. But don you want to use those gold coins to live life like a luxury ”.

Drake said, ” those gold coins I have already donated to the church and also to the navy. So now we can just relax and live our lives as we wish ”.

Amy smiled and said, ” only if we haven failed in challenging the twenty-fifth main island. And the quest penalty that has made us do things that we don want ”.

Drake smiled and said, ” but doesn that makes the quest more interesting? We found a new way to live our lives. We don have to worry about anything at least for now ”.

Amy rested her head on Drakes shoulder and said, ” yes indeed. To break the penalty someone must complete the quest. After that only we can once again sail ”.

Darke said, ” well lets wait for him/her ”.

I was enjoying my time on the guava tree. It felt very good to sit on top of the tree and spend my time here. As I had a broad mind so, unlike other children, I didn have to go and make friends with them as their games were childish. And also their games made no sense. I liked more time learning more about crops and talking with my father. By the time I spent five years I knew that childhood had already passed away in this world and now I needed to find work. It didn give me pressure but pleasure instead.

I was planning what to do now while sitting on the tree. After thinking for some time I had various ideas from my previous life but only one idea could be employed right now. That was the breeding of birds. To make them useful for poultry and also sell them to butcher shops. They would pay 2-4 silver coins for a blue chicken. So I decided to breed those chickens and sell them to gain capital. Also, the blacksmith said, ” you failed and get out ”. He didn stop me from returning to his shop. So maybe I could once again try it tomorrow until I fulfill his requirements.

Thinking about it I was excited and so I climbed down from the tree and went to my father. After that, I said, ” dad I found the sub profession I am going to work for ”.

Drake and Amy looked at their excited son and then Amy asked, ” what sub profession are you going to learn ”.

I looked at dad and mom and then replied, ” I am going to become a breeder. Also, I am going to learn to be a blacksmith and in the evening I will learn more about food ”.

Drake and Amy were surprised after listening to Jacks words and then Drake said, ” what is a breeder? ”.

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