Albert signaled his man to do the work. With my parents present by my side, they were counting the numbers. I sold the seven thousand chickens for a profit of 700 gold coins.

After the business was done Albert smiled and shook his hand and said, ” Mr. Jack, you are the best partner I have ever met with ”.

I replied, ” same here sir. Do you have any specialty products that you sell overseas ”.

Albert replied, ” I have many. What type do you want Jack. Food, spice, fur, clothes, ores, and animals ”.

I replied, ” may I have a look? ”.

Albert smiled and said, ” of course ”.

I looked at my parent and said, ” mom, dad follow me to buy things ”.

Amy smiled and replied, ” what are you going to buy Jack? ”.

I smiled and said, ” mom lets buy clothes for you and dad ”.

Drake said, ” okay lets go we will shop with you. Its rare free time ”.

I nodded my head and then looked at the two workers and said, ” you guys here is the bonus ”, saying so I gave them both one gold coin to each person.

Both were happy and then I said, ” watch the pen for me ”.

Then I handed the remaining coins to mom and said, ” mom help me keep the coins ”.

Amy said, ” don worry your coins are safe with me ”.

I then followed behind Albert and we climbed on the ship. There he began to take out all the specialties. He also introduced to me myself.

I then said, ” mom, dad buy the things that you like ”.

Amy bought a few pieces of cloth while dad bought a smoking pipe.

I looked at the food and saw there were many kinds of dried fruits. So I bought them. It could be given to the neighbor as a gift.

Then I asked, ” Sir do you have any intelligent animals for sale ”.

Albert said, ” there is one. And you might like it ”, saying so he went deep inside the store room and after some time, he came out with a cage. A small white dragon was lying inside the cage.

I saw it and instantly fell in love with it. Then I asked, ” sir how much does it cost ”.

Albert said, ” this is a gift from me. As if not for you my position inside the trading company had almost been lost. So take it as my thanks ”.

I nodded my head and then picked up the cage and then unlocked the cage.

Albert saw this and said, ” Jack don open it ”, but it was already late.

Strangely the White Dragon came out of the cage and then it climbed on my hand.

Later it climbed on my shoulder and seeing this I showed it to my parents and said, ” Dad, Mom look at this white dragon. It looks so cool ”.

Drake said, ” of course it is. But you need to treat it better ”.

I said, ” of course, I will ”.

Amy asked, ” what will you name the white dragon ”.

I thought for a while and then I replied, ” how does the name White suit? ”.

Amy replied, ” no way ”, saying so she stopped and then looked at Albert and asked, ” what is its gender? ”.

Albert replied, ” its a male ”.

I then said, ” mom, I have decided its name Draco ”.

Amy and Drake said, ” are you sure? ”.

I nodded my head and said, ” Draco will become my partner in the future and will also become the strongest Dragon ”.

The little dragon let out a small cry as if agreeing to the name.

Then I said, ” thank you, Sir ”.

After that, we left the ship.

While returning home I asked, ” mom are dragons common ”.

Drake replied, ” well they are indeed a common race. You can see many small dragon-like these white dragons. But they will not become strong unless trained by professionals after their bloodline is evolved once ”.

I nodded my head and then I asked, ” dad how do I get the dragon evolution potion ”.

Drake said, ” you need to buy from the alchemist. It will cost your entire fortune. So you need to work hard for buying the potion ”.

I replied, ” I know dad. I will ask sir Albert to buy me one next time he comes. Till that time I will earn enough money ”.

Then I looked at mom and said, ” mom I want to make a new dish with eggs, if its successful then we will open a bakery shop. It will be sold at a very high price ”.

Amys eyes lit up and she asked, ” son what are you going to make ”.

I said, ” a bread made of egg. Its taste is soft, also I will make an omelet, and last if possible I want to make a cake ”.

Amy asked, ” can the egg be cooked in another way. As we know to make boiled egg ”.

I replied, ” well lets cook an omelet first ”.

Then we returned home and picked a few fresh eggs. Then I chopped one onion into slices, green chili into a slice, and then added salt to it. After that, I mixed it and began to cook it in oil. After three minutes of waiting, the omelet was cooked and ready to be served ”.

I served it to the parents and also a small piece to Draco.

Drake and Amy tasted Jacks craft and then said, ” its amazing to make something delicious out of just an egg ”.

I replied, ” mom it can be used in any way like fried chicken can be used to eat with it ”, saying so I began to cook different versions of eggs.

Drake couldn help but say, ” son you must meet that chef of the west zone there you would be held as a genius ”.

I smiled and said, ” dad I can , as other than cooking some normal dish, I can make more dishes like this ”.

Amy replied, ” son I have made the dough with egg white now what do I need to do ”.

I began to instruct mom and in this way our dinner ended.

The next day I woke and after eating breakfast I rushed toward the dojo. I quit being a blacksmith as my body couldn adapt to heat.


100 bronze coins- 1 silver coins

100 silver coins- 1 gold coins

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