I registered inside the Kai Dojo for 10 gold coins. Next, I met the instructor and he introduced himself, ” Welcome to Kai Dojo. The Kai name was taken from the master who started the Dojo in his name. It was created to train all people so that after you enter the dungeon at least you can protect yourself. Okay enough with the talk now follow the body exercise that I teach you. It will improve your endurance and flexibility. For one month we are going to train and then after that, I will teach you unarmed fighting techniques ”.

Then the instructor began to display various poses.

I remembered those poses due to good memory but I didn show them on my face and continued to learn normally.

So after three hours, all the students were slumping on the ground. And the first one was me. It made me feel once again stand out from all those people.

The instructor then said, ” okay go home and train those moves. Tomorrow I will check your training posture ”.

I looked around and saw the room was already crowded. It seems senior students of the academy.

Most of the students were talking with each other, while I was ignored as these people thought I was weakling.

Seeing this I smiled helplessly and then followed back home.

As soon as I left the Dojo, a few students from the same batch chatted with each other.

” Hey, do you know the identity of the weakling ”?

Another person asked, ” why is he famous! ”.

The chatterbox replied, ” of course, he is the one who sells blue chicken ”.

” Do you think he might be rich? ”.

” Of course, he would be rich. Someone saw him buying a white dragon as a pet ”.

” Shall we ask him for a protection fee then ”?

A timid person replied, ” what will happen if the instructor found it ”.

The Chatterbox said, ” nothing will happen as long as we behave inside the Dojo. Outside nobody cares ”.

The group of five people looked at each other and said, ” okay tomorrow we will ask protection fee. If not then we will beat him up ”.

Then those guys laughed and walked back to their house.


While I was inside the house practicing those techniques repeatedly. I would train until I would be thoroughly exhausted.

After training, I ate dinner and spoke with my parents.

Then I split soundly, until the middle of the night I woke up. Then I began to practice the technique once again. I felt improvement in my body after the set of exercises was completed. Also, I felt that my form was getting more perfect.

So it kept me hyped up until I was once again exhausted.

Then I took a warm bath. Later I walked out of the house towards the Dojo. I reached a little earlier. So once again I began to train my body.

Ivan the instructor of the Kai Dojo came early in the morning. He saw the door was unlocked so he walked inside and saw a student practicing the set of exercises.

He was amazed to find that the student practiced the body techniques to almost beginner level. Such a hardworking person was hard to see.

When he the persons face he was stunned as he found that he was a boy who was exhausted as the first one during the last training.

So he walked inside the Dojo and said, ” here this technique you are doing wrong ”.

I suddenly listened to a voice coming from behind. I was so immersed in training that I didn remember anyone entering the Dojo. So I was scared and I jumped back. Then I saw it was the instructor. Seeing this I said, ” good morning instructor ”.

Ivan said, ” since no one has come so I will help you fix your posture in training ”.

I then began to do the set of body techniques while the instructor began to correct my mistake. After that, I began to practice again and found that it became very easy to practice the set of techniques.

Soon the door was opened and students began to enter.

Brooke and his lackeys also entered.

One of his lackeys whispered, ” boss are we going to rob him today ”.

Brooke said, ” yes. After training, we will wait for him outside the door ”.

After the training ended all students were stunned to find that I was last the one standing and still training.

Seeing this the instructor said, ” okay guys you can go home and practice ”.

I thanked the instructor and then walked out of the Dojo.

Then Brooke and his lackeys surrounded Jack and said, ” hey friend we want to talk to you about something. Follow us ”.

Then Brooke walked ahead and the lackeys behind.

After reaching the alley they pushed Jack inside and then one of his lackeys said, ” friend if you are sensible then give us all your money, or else we will beat you up ”.

I replied, ” I don have money ”.

I was punched in the face. My nose began to bleed. I felt so much physical pain that I haven felt in my last life. So by the time I came back to sense I was punched in the stomach and then beaten up.

Pain overwhelmed and I couldn respond to them. After five minutes Brooke said, ” Boy if you don bring money tomorrow then you will be punished again ”.

As they were walking out of the alley. I gritted my teeth in anger and stood up and then I found a stick lying behind me.

I picked it up and rush towards those five people and then I began to beat them up.

Brooke was taken aback when he felt pain in his back. When he turned back he saw the person whom he beat was holding a stick and hit him in his face.

His lackeys moved back in fear and then they were thrashed by the same boy. They began to cry and this attracted the attention of adult people.

So those people came and rescued those boys.

There were several bruise marks on the five boys bodies.

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