World Of Isle

Four Years Later...

Brooke was looking at Jack with fear in his eyes. His father was a small gang leader. So he used to bully the children. For the first time in his life, he was beaten so badly. He saw that if those people would not rescue him then he keep on beating him. It made his heart go cold. He only thought he was fortunate enough to be thrashed in public or else inside the alley he might have already been killed.

His lackeys also looked at Jack with fear. They remembered this person and decided to always take a detour whenever they saw him.

After the adult separated as I walked back towards the home. While Brooke went back to his home and began to cry and complain about the boy.

Brookes dad Brown said, ” are you sure you weren the first one to beat him ”.

Brooke didn look into his fathers eyes and seeing this Mr. Brown said, ” I will not help you with this matter, or else I will be killed. If you want revenge then train hard ”.

Brooke nodded his head and then said, ” okay dad I will train hard from now on ”.

After that, he walked away. While Mr. Brown said, ” Brookes appearance of that boys identify is likely to be the chicken seller. Many people wanted to take advantage of the boy but those people all disappeared from this island. There is something fishy about that boys identity. I hope the idiot son of mine will not repeat the mistake. By the way, let me check the identity of his parents ”.

As soon as I reached home Amy looked at my face and then became angry. She asked, ” son what happened? ”.

I replied, ” mom its like this ”, by the time I finished explaining, Amy burst into laughter and she patted my back and said, ” good job son. But don repeat those actions unless you have the confidence to kill them ”.

I was shocked after listening to my moms words and then I exclaimed, ” mom, how could I kill people ”.

Amy replied seriously, ” son remember one thing. In this world, those people who are the strong have the first say and then yours. For example, If you are strong enough then you can rule out this world. Everyone will follow your rules. If you want to kill someone then you can kill them. Nobody will say anything. Currently, we are in the East zone. So you don see pirates. But if you head to another region then there will be many bad pirates looting the island. Killing or being killed is a common thing in this world ”.

Amy walked inside the hut to bring some bandages. While I was lost in thought and then I seriously began to think about moms words. And then I realized that her words made sense. I was not in the previous world where rules and laws would act as a deterrent force but in a chaotic world full of struggle. So from today on words, I decided to have a goal, ” to become the strongest ”. Even if I have to exhaust myself to death but I would work hard more. Cause I don want my life to judge by other people.

Amy returned and saw that his son had eyes had changed. Before his son a carefree look. But now his eyes show something that he wants to achieve. Seeing this she smiled and then said, ” son lets celebrate today ”.

I asked, ” mom why do we need a celebration ”.

Amy replied, ” cause today was the first time you got beaten and also you beat people at your age ”.

But she didn tell me the main reason was just that you found a goal young man.

Drake returned home and then joined the celebration. He even drank a bottle of rum.

After the celebration was over. I climbed up on the guava tree and began to plan. What do I need to do for the future? I had god-level talent that was sealed in the state and I was to train and fight at Dojo. So what would become my disadvantages? I began to think and after some time, I got the answer long-distance range and speed. Thinking about it I decided to run to overcome my shortcomings in speed. And for long range, I thought for a while and then decided to train in throwing stones. As it didn require me anything then stones and wood would become my target. If I could train in throwing stones then I would be able to get rid of long-range attacks.

So I would spend three hours each day throwing stones. One hour for running and the rest of the time to hone body techniques and unarmed fighting techniques.

After the plan was made I climbed down the tree and went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and then walked to the dojo. I was the first to reach and then I began to train.

Ivan came early and saw the boy practicing body techniques. He was amazed to see that the boy was fully focused while training, unlike other people who were distracted by pain or talk.

So he just watched him practicing without disturbing him.

I kept on training until I heard the sound of other students chatting. So I stopped and rested for a few minutes until the class started.

Brooke also came inside with his lackeys. They looked at Jack with fear in their eyes.

Unlike other children, Brooke mustered courage and came to Jack. Then he bowed and said, ” I am sorry ”.

I was relaxing the muscle of my body when I heard someone apologizing behind me.

I was surprised to find it was Brooke. Seeing this I said, ” its okay. You beat me and I beat you. We are even ”.

Brooke then strengthen his back and looked at my eyes. I could that his body was shivering, either due to fear or other reason and then he said, ” I will become stronger than you. I will train hard and surpass you ”.

I said, ” Okay, but if you follow the routine then you will never be able to surpass me. I will give you advice, beat your current self first ”.

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