Brooke calmed down when he saw Jack not laughing after listening to his words. Instead, he even has advice. So he asked, ” what do you mean by beating your current self ”.

I replied, ” if you want to become stronger then keep on defeating your current self. After you do body techniques today then you need to defeat yourself by doing more training tomorrow. A minute or even a second count. Keep doing it regularly for four years. After that, we both will fight ”.

Brooke understood the words and then he said, ” okay four years later I will fight you ”.

Most of the students were laughing while Ivan was amazed after listening to Jacks words, ” defeat your current self. I understand now why I am still here without any improvement ”, saying that to himself he looked at Jack in admiration and then he looked at Brooke and said to himself, ” his character is upright and honest. I have two good students ”.

Then he came out of his thought and put a stern face and said, ” get ready to do the body technique ”.

After listening to Instructor Ivans words the children began to practice.


Four years later.

A boy with a slender figure, whose face was covered with a mask, his hairs and eyebrows were all silver in color was running in the field with several stones in his hand. He set his eyes on the target that was falling leaves.

He threw the stones and each stone hit its target without missing.

There was also a white dragon beside him that was shooting out small energy balls. Each of them would hit the target.

Then the boy began to practice unarmed fighting techniques, while the small white dragon began to fly nimbly in the air and sometime later its speed increased and only a white flash could be seen. The moves both used looked like a work of art.

After two hours, they finally completed all the training. After that, he lay on the ground exhausted. But there was a smile on his face and said, ” Draco finally today is the day I will awaken ”.

Draco lay next to him and said through telepathy, ” Jack its a happy day ”.

I said, ” of course. After we enter the dungeon we will form a party ”.

Draco asked, ” will Brooke join your party ”.

I shook my head and said, ” he will not as his pride will not allow him to join him. We are competitors so if we both join the same party then his growth will be limited ”.

Draco said, ” so are you going to challenge him ”.

I said, ” of course. We have been waiting for four years ”.

After some time Jack walked toward the Dojo with Draco lying on his right shoulder.

Inside a room, John said, ” boss today is the day of the challenge ”.

A man with a muscular body was practicing fighting techniques. His hair color was blonde and he had a smile on his face. Finally, he opened his eyes and said, ” lets go. Today I will defeat him ”, saying there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

John was one of Brookes lackeys and also his closest friend. He was only one of the five lackeys who stayed with him while the other left him on the day when he apologized to Jack.

Both of them headed towards the Dojo. After seeing that Jack has not reached the Dojo he greeted Instructor Ivan and said, ” Mr. Ivan how are you? ”.

Ivan had a more carefree look than four years ago. He was already promoted to Dojo master on Aloha island. After listening to Brookes words he replied, ” I am fine. We so are you excited for today ”.

Brooke said, ” of course I am. I had trained for four years just for this day ”.

Ivan said, ” Brooke will you form your group or you will join a party ”.

Brooke replied, ” of course, I will form my party ”.

Ivan nodded his head and said, ” given your character, you will not work under anyone. So I know about it. But don let todays defeat get in your head ”.

Brooke was stunned after listening to Ivans words and then said, ” Mr. Ivan don you have confidence in me ”.

Instead of Ivan, John replied, ” of course not. Even I don have confidence in your boss that you can defeat him ”.

Brooke said helplessly, ” can you encourage me ”.

John replied, ” boss if you challenged anyone then I would encourage you. But we are talking about Jack. That person is a madman boss. You haven seen him cultivating, or else you might be stunned after seeing him ”.

Brooke said, ” can you stop discouraging me ”, but there was no ounce of fear to be seen on his face.

As they were chatting Jack reached the Dojo.

Ivan, Brooke, and John greeted Jack and his white dragon. Jack greeted them back and then said, ” Brooke are you ready ”.

Brooke nodded his head and said, ” for four years I was waiting for this day ”.

I said, ” okay cut the crap as I am in a hurry to go and awaken my profession today. So lets get over with it ”.

Brooke saw this and said, ” okay then ”.

Then Ivan said, ” you can both fight until one person surrenders. No killing is allowed ”.

We both bowed toward Ivan and said, ” understood instructor ”

Ivan said, ” okay on the count of three you can start your duel ”, saying so he started the countdown.

As soon as he finished the countdown, Brooke rushed toward Jacks direction and started to fight hand-to-hand combat. Jack began to defend the attack with ease. If you would look closely then Jack would be pushed a little back due to his weak physique. It went on until Jack used the speed to his advantage as he knew that he was no match if he fight head-on. So his only option left was speed and endurance. Then he began to attack at a fast speed which bypassed Brookes defense hitting his body. After three minutes Brookes couldn give in pain and said, ” I give up ”, saying so he lay on the ground.

I nodded my head and then said, ” okay ”, saying so I stopped, and then I gave my hand and pulled Brooke up.

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