Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 1

In a dark, foreboding castle nestled deep within a sprawling forest, an evil wizard sat upon his throne. His name was Mordred, and he was feared by all who knew of him.

With his powerful magic and unquenchable thirst for power, Mordred had conquered many lands and enslaved countless people. He was a ruthless tyrant, known for his cruelty and lack of mercy.

As he sat upon his throne, Mordred surveyed his kingdom with a satisfied smile. His dark, piercing eyes took in the sight of his subjects cowering before him, their fear and desperation palpable in the air.

But despite his many conquests, Mordred was not satisfied. He craved more power, more control, and he was determined to stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

With a flick of his wrist,

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