Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 10

After his redemption, Mordred was rewarded with a new role in the world. He was chosen to be a messenger for the gods, tasked with delivering their messages and carrying out their will.

At first, Mordred was grateful for this opportunity, and he threw himself into his work with enthusiasm. But as he traveled the land, delivering the gods messages, he began to see the corruption and cruelty that lurked within their hearts.

He saw how the gods used their power to control and manipulate the people, and how they cared only for their own gain and pleasure. He watched as they caused suffering and pain, without a thought for the consequences of their actions.

And finally, Mordred could take no more. He knew that the gods were not the benevolent, just beings that they claimed to be, and he decided to act.

With the help of the heroes and the wizard, who had also seen the corruption of the gods, Mordred set out to overthrow the gods and restore balance to the world.

It was a difficult and perilous journey, but in the end, Mordred and his allies were successful. The gods were defeated, and their corrupt reign came to an end.

Mordred, once an evil wizard, had finally found true redemption, and he was hailed as a hero and a champion of the people.

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