Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 3

As the days passed, Mordreds power continued to grow, and he used it to wage war against neighboring kingdoms and enslave their people. He reveled in the fear and suffering of others, and his reputation as a ruthless tyrant spread far and wide.

But despite his many victories, Mordred could not shake the feeling that something was missing from his life. He craved more than just power and control; he longed for a worthy adversary who could challenge him and push him to his limits.

One day, a messenger arrived at the castle, bearing news of a group of heroes who were traveling the land, vanquishing evil and protecting the innocent. Mordreds interest was immediately piqued, and he began to plot his next move.

He spent many long hours studying the Book of Shadows, seeking out powerful spells and incantations that would give him the upper hand in a potential battle against the heroes. He was determined to prove that he was the greatest, most powerful wizard the world had ever seen.

And so, when the time came for the heroes to arrive at his castle, Mordred was ready. He stood atop the castles highest tower, his dark magic swirling around him like a storm, as he waited for the heroes to make their move.

But little did Mordred know, the heroes were more skilled and powerful than he could have ever imagined. And as the battle raged on, it became clear that his reign of terror was coming to an end.

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