Worlds of Fantasy

The Dark Wizard 5

After his defeat at the hands of the heroes and the powerful wizard, Mordred was left powerless and alone. He was banished from the kingdom and forced to wander the land, a shadow of his former self.

As he wandered, Mordred became consumed by his desire for revenge. He vowed to regain his powers and take his revenge on the heroes and the wizard who had humiliated him.

He spent many long years searching for a way to restore his powers, and eventually, he stumbled upon an ancient, forgotten temple hidden deep within the forest.

The temple was filled with dark, forbidden magic, and Mordred knew that this was his chance to regain his strength. He spent countless hours studying the ancient texts and rituals, and slowly but surely, his powers began to return.

As his strength grew, so did his thirst for revenge. He began to plot and scheme, seeking out allies and building an army of loyal followers.

And finally, when he felt that he was ready, Mordred set out on his quest for vengeance. He attacked the kingdom with his army of dark creatures, determined to destroy the heroes and the wizard once and for all.

But the heroes and the wizard were ready for him, and they fought valiantly to defend their kingdom. In the end, Mordred was once again defeated, and this time, he was not spared.

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